Dedicated WiFi for Oculus AirLink (and AirLink questions)

Hi all, networking isn’t my strong suit here but I’m exploring ideas/options.

I’ve had my Quest 2 for I believe 2 years and I’ve been happy with it, Zuck issues aside.

Recently, the Link connection to the headset drops constantly, as in I can’t get through a play session of 30-45 minutes.

I’m considering going to AirLink, using WiFi 6 with a dedicated router talking to this PC and my headset only. I have not used AirLink before, because I don’t have access to replace my router (rented flat) and it’s not terribly fast (the PC is hardwired).

So, can someone connect the dots for me in how the PC would access the Internet in this scenario? Will it function with a no-internet WiFi connection and the hardwired connection?

Past that, does anyone have experience with AirLink for DCS, specifically?

Follow-up clarity point: what I had in mind for the router is one of the simple mesh-style routers commonly available from Amazon. The internet-connected router, PC, non-connected router, and headset would sit within 3 feet of one another, also.

Oh, or, is the solution to just use the hardwire currently attached to my PC with the mesh router?