Definitely Would Buy This Module


I can’t believe ED would stiff us with the G when the N is the variant that best fits the era of the other modules we have! They’re wasting all this effort on a module that will be completely useless in the game!

And there’s nowhere to properly fly the module, sure people in Nevada have flown the Skyhawk but I’m only personally interested in Skyhawk operations on a specific farm airstrip in Iowa and I can’t believe ED have overlooked this!

If ED continue releasing modules everyone wants like this I might take my entitlement to the IL2 forum!!!11

Happy April Fool’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Shoot, my first thought: a [pretend] O-2 Bird dog mission; WP marking the target and all that [old] FAC-like stuff. A stretch for sure; they’d need to build in some player-to-AI comms/interface…or kick the can and just let humans fill in.


Irish Air Corps represent!


If we had a better FAC system, an O-2 could make for some pretty compelling gameplay.


I think that would actually sell if they made it… not only for a recon/fac but just a fun plane to fly in full fidelity :grinning:

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Oh, I’d absolutely KILL to have a better FAC system to use an O-2. I absolutely LOVE Skymasters.

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Full fidelity?

I’d probably buy it!

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So…where the bottles to drop on the friendly forces for resupply???

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They ran out of the tiny parachutes for safe delivery. Gotta wait for supply to catch up!