Dell Alienware QD-OLED 34" Gaming Monitor

Hey Guys,
I’m seriously thinking of buying this monitor. Do any of you have this monitor and what are your impressions etc?
Would I be wasting my hard earned cash?

A little bump for this to see if anyone around here happens to have one?

Looking for a new monitor and am finding this (the AW3423DW) to be tempting. Besides the pretty penny it’ll cost me, my only real concern/question is how it would be for office work (spreadsheets, pdfs, etc).

Digging around online and there’s a wide range of opinions on that aspect of its usability, was hoping someone in these parts maybe owns one.

Maybe at the beginning they were worth it, but… Just my opinion, Alienware is overpriced for what you get.

A few years ago I bought an Alienware laptop based on the hype because the wife needed a new one and I thought it could do double duty as a gaming rig while I was away from home and she could use the PC. It didn’t live up to expectations and when it ‘died’ (under warranty) I opted for a refund instead of replacement. Bought an ASUS instead and haven’t looked back.

I reckon you could probably get a 34" (or bigger) QD-OLED monitor that is better and cheaper?


@Harry_Bumcrack this AW3423DW is not just a gaming-themed piece of regular Alienware hardware. It was the first QD-OLED panel and the first ultrawide OLED when it released early this year. I just scrolled through a review and it really is a great piece of hardware.

Unfortunately I also don’t own it, @speck, so I can’t help.


@Freak Roger that. Should have looked up that particular model before posting - just adding my $0.02 about my opinion/experience with Alienware stuff :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for the input, appreciate it!

And yes Alienware always seemed a bit overpriced to me too, it is this particular panel that has piqued my interest.
Looking at this one because I got an OLED tv for the living room a few months ago and I just can’t believe how good everything looks on it. Granted, it replaced an average priced 9 year old Samsung but even still, I think I’m a convert.

Read around a bit more and it does seem like text might not be its strong suit. I’m sure it’d be fantastic for gaming, but not sure I want to chance it since I’ve got to use it for work too. Don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 300-400 on a monitor so it’d be hard to justify to myself if I couldn’t use it for ‘everything’.

New model came out recently (AW3423DWF), maybe there will be some more info floating around soon on that’ll help me decide.

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Early next year Phillips will be launching a new line of gaming monitors including one with the same panel as the Dell. Probably more competitively priced as well…

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Thanks, good to know - this is what prompted some searching around, permanent bright spot showed up last month, same on the other side of the monitor. (looks brighter in person, by the ‘tracking’ pull down).

Assuming not a good sign, as to exactly how not good I’m unsure.

other side exact same height? Did you bend the monitor somehow? Looks like the LED backlight got loose at that point…

I have an old Alienware 34 inch LCD, btw, it was very expensive at the time and I hope I can rock it for another 3-5 years. It does 105 Hz and is G-Sync compatible… but still works like a champ. Sometimes for the time you plan on hanging on to it, the extra cost doesn’t seem that bad…

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Thanks, and yeah same height on the other side. Weird, right? No bending that I’m aware of, I can’t really see my kid doing anything that bad to it (yet, at least!).

and that’s a good point, I do tend go a pretty long while before upgrading/replacing things. something to think about for sure

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