Derail Valley

A train sim, with an early access demo to check out. Works with Oculus Touch as well despite saying it doesn’t.

Works really well, and actually a lot of fun. It shows as Vive controllers, so if you use touch then just remember that the ‘trigger’ is the grab action and that the thumbstick pressed in a direction is the ‘pad’. If you read the initial book at start-up then it will all make sense. Also, worth playing in the setting of ‘seated position’ at first, as it makes orientating yourself easier.

And yes, I derailed the first train I had.

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Interesting looking VR train sim releasing next week:

Derail Valley is a highly immersive train driving simulator, letting you truly be in a train cab and operate controls with your own hands! Choose jobs and deliver a variety of cargo between industries in a vast open world, using a diesel-electric shunter or a heavy steam locomotive. Explore the beautiful landscape of 256 km² filled with railways, industries and maybe even some secrets!

Freely choose step-by-step jobs found in offices of every industry. They include (un)loading, shunting and hauling, involving dozens of cargo types modeled after a realistic industry chain. Use the hard-earned money to refuel and service locomotives, or even buy new ones! Finally, try to stay on the tracks!

Derail Valley Early Access is a major upgrade to the award-winning demo from 2016, being developed by a small team. Features:

  • Built for VR from the ground up

  • Emergent simulation of a shunter & steam locomotive

  • 256 km² open world

  • Procedural jobs driven by industry chain

  • Derailment physics

  • Locomotive maintenance & basic damage


I loved the alpha, the single wee train had real ‘weight’ and the controls felt great, even if I had to stand up (hardcore mode in VR lol).


Yeah, the developer said that the preview video shows that early build from a year ago and that some changes have been made (one would hope improvements). I might give it a whirl for the novelty of it…