Destroyer: The U-boat hunter

That looks very promising! It is the same publisher (but not studio) that brought us UBOAT. I don’t think there’s ever been a sim or game that gave this much attention to the stations and systems on a Fletcher class before. I certainly feel blessed with so many promising naval games coming up.


That looks very cool, I was expecting a rehash of destroyer command. I will be adding that to the wishlist.

That gameplay looks a lot like the movie Greyhound, with the nuts and bolts expanded upon. Could be really neat!

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Radar contact of a Uboat - must be on the surface…

Or perhaps the periscope?

Of course in WWII, didn’t they often attack at the surface? I’m not a naval historian by any means.

I’ll be honest I don’t know if a WW2 radar would have had the ability to detect a periscope, a possibility I suppose. A surfaced Uboat would be much more likely, 8000 yards seems a little close to be surfaced, but the war is full of stories of submarine skippers being caught out when they though they were safe.

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You can now sign up for the playtest on steam that will give you the tutorials (currently non-interactive. They show you each station and explain what it does) and one scenario to tackle for free. It’s fun but really hard! A lot of new systems to get used to, not to mention getting a good lead. The use of the TRR (Tactical Range Recorder) still largely eludes me.


Downloaded the demo, gotta say I’m excited. While it may be a little “gamey” if you will, it reminds me of a lot of golden age sims. The fidelity may not be 100%, you sure feel like you are actually trying to run down (some times literally) a Uboat. The sonar calls as you get closer and closer trying to figure out the right depth, and which way the sub may break creates a wonderful sense of tension as you near the release point. Actually get a sub kill is definitely work, and a lot of fun to get competent at it.

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My most favourite ship ever.

It is out on Early Access on Steam. Here is one stream on it out today. Other videos are popping up as well.