DFW for X-Plane

This looks pretty good. I’ll probably have to pick this up since my wife works for American and I regularly visit the sim out there at CAE/SimuFlite…

Will be a Tom Curtis scenery ready in “two weeks”…

KDFW - Dallas Ft. Worth | Flickr

19_CAE_SIMULATOR_BLDG | Tom Curtis | Flickr

Of course, I’ll have to buy the Rotate MD-80 so I can power-back off the gates too…


Does it simulate traffic backing up on the Sam Rayburn at Grapevine whenever you’re running late? That is vital for the DFW International experience. :sob:

Kidding aside, that looks really good.

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The shots of the CAE building have me breaking out in a cold sweat… :wink: I’m headed there later this month for my 6 monthly grilling.