Did someone say "bush"...?

I blame @TheAlmightySnark for this one. Seeing his bush screens (uh…well…that’s what they are I guess…eww…) inspired me to do some circuits in an area I haven’t explored yet.

Last year, I caught a sale on some products and picked up Pacific Islands Simulations PNG Bush Flying pair. This combines two products into one…and probably overlaps a little bit of the Orbx Jacksons area of PNG. To be honest, I don’t know how the two packages work together. My guess is the scenery loading order determines what overrides what.

Any-who…I loaded up one of my favorite airplanes, the Lionheart Quest Kodiak, and headed out for a short flight to some places I haven’t been. Only shot a couple screens…but here is SAO (Salmano) airport…a nice little dirt strip, 3,051’ x 65’… Love the included notes in the docs:

The AO:

The awesome Quest Kodiak…


Love the panel on the Kodiak…

Off we go…

Hmm…now I’m torn…Air Hauler for X-Plane…or Air Hauler 2 for FSX…decisions, decisions… :smiley:


I SWEAR its a conspiracy against me. this is like the 3rd post on bushflying in a week. I just started my orbx libraries update because you guys won’t shut up about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect screens incoming soon.
Where should I fly? I have pretty much the entire west coast of NA Orbx’d, but you vets know better than me where the good stuff is. Suggestions?

Time to dust off the old Carenado 185 and go flying!


What a wonderful plane and place to fly!

What are the advantages of Air Hauler 2 over 1? Could you share data between them, some legs in FSX, some in X-plane?

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Airstrip 2 looks like so much fun, do you think these guys need a flying mechanic with em?

Guys, I’ll be really honest with you…
The thread title is misleading. When I opened it last night I was utterly let down.

Fixed it for ya


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