Digital download X-Plane 11 --> Steam version

So Laminar got back to me with a Steam code. I actually sent a further e-mail just asking them if they could reactivate my old serial number so I could stay on stand-alone, but if they refuse to do that, I’ll be stuck with the Steam version.

In the event that is the case - can I just install the bare bones Steam version and then just copy/paste my old install to the new Steam directory? I don’t think X-Plane uses much in the way of registry stuff…it has always seemed very portable.

Also - how does Steam update X-Plane - does it do it via the Steam process or does it launch the X-Plane updater. The reason I ask is that I modify files in the X-Plane install (things like recently the Stinson and some other “stock” files) that I fear Steam would overwrite if it has total control of the updates.

And I do realize I won’t get the most recent betas. That is sort of a bummer too.

All in all I think the move to Steam might not be in my best interests.

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You may be able to point steam to your install location and not have to move anything. Worth looking into.

It should try to use it’s internal mechanisms to update. It would also try to activate itself through Steam - as it should use the Steam API to activate itself and I am not sure if that is in the non-Steam version (common code that can decide which way to activate itself) or if the Steam version is customized somewhat.

I guess that the basic answer is that you should be able to put the X-plane install basically anywhere. If the install includes a X-Plane Installer.exe app, that may be a way to update it to the beta. If not, you may be ‘stuck’ with the Steam version. As I understand it, the beta is available in Steam, though. It is just delayed by a few hours.

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Yeah. From what I read on the blogs, the Steam beta is delayed by a few hours. So if you install it, right click on the game in your Steam library, select Properties and then the Beta tab.

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Oh…that’s not bad at all then! I rarely upgrade to the beta until a few days to settle in…