Dino Cattaneo's F-35 A/B/C

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We take a quick look at one of Dino Cattaneo’s awesome contributions to the freeware FSX/P3D scene with his F-35 A/B/C variants… As many FSX/P3D fans know, Dino’s planes are legendary for their uniqueness and quality. My first experience with Dino’s planes was when I was pointed to his awesome T-45C Goshawk for FSX. When…

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Wow, that looks really impressive. Can’t believe it’s freeware too.

Did you try in FSX, as I think the screens and (very good) video are from P3D?

I did not try it in FSX (yet). My fascination with P3D is fairly complete right now… I do love it… Coupled with FTX Global and Active Sky Next…hard to peel myself away from P3D…

Ok, I’ve downloaded it and will try with FSX. Looking at the release notes it looks like future Tacpack stuff is P3D, but this is a good FSX release :smile:


April 25th, 2014

  • Fixed small bug in the Tacpack in-flight refueling system, so that in many instances the fuel flow rate was way too low.
    Now it can be somewhat too fast…but will still take minutes to fully refuel the Lightning.
    Non-tacpack users can ignore this update.
    There may be further upgrades in future, but they may well be Prepar3D v2.2 only.

Plus the manual in F35v241.zip\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-35A\docs looks really well done too!

Oh baby, Lightning 1, VFR at YVR, look out… :smile:

Works great in the Steam FSX edition!

Nice, I wanna do Vancouver in DCS :smile:


I bought $250 worth of Orbx products in their May sale… I’ve got all of the North America territories they offer (but not the Orbx high detail airports)…


PS - Frog - do you have an option to toggle the helmet view that adds some information to the corners of your screen? The toggle is allegedly down there below the Panoramic Panel and above the standby attitude indicator…some switches. In P3D I couldn’t get the corner HUD information available (I guess it acts like a helmet mounted HUD…)

These switches?

They just turn the HUD off/on for me, the CTL button doesn’t do anything as far as I can tell, at least in FSX…

I did notice with TrackIR the ‘cockpit’ view (rather than the ‘virtual cockpit’ view) seem to act like a Helmet HUD. Didn’t notice any extra info in the corners though…

Exterior shot for fun…

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Also, for anyone trying to get AICarriers to work on the Steam FSX, it seems like it just looks for the old DVD copy. Here’s an updated port that works great with the updated FSX:

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That’s good to know. I found this site that offered up the P3D version of AICarriers. Caution though - I don’t know much about this rikoooo site and I would be a bit wary of installing stuff from it - although mine did install and work fine. Just buyer beware because ya’ never know…


This looks just like me flying Dino’s F-35B in P3D:

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Nice - it’s really apparent in using the sim (however inaccurate it might be due to opsec etc) that fuel management is really important to the B variant.

I must have coated a fair few people with JP-5 already now, as that ‘dump fuel’ is used actively. Goodness knows what happens with stores :smile: