Director Denis Villeneuve's Adaptation of Frank Herbert's DUNE

The 2nd Official Trailer.

2nd video below is longer in length and is an interview with the various actors playing the characters, including director Denis Villeneuve. It also includes more scenes. Worth the watch.


I actually ordered the whole trilogy to read during my vacations.


Been thinking of doing that myself. Been kind of waiting to see if they produce any hard cover versions etc. May I ask what type you ordered? Digital, paperback, hardcover?

It’s actually seven book but yeah…

Besid that- I’ve been following the development of this movie since they first announced the director.
I’m literally dying to see it.

You mean 8 books. Unless you only count Frank’s books, in which case it ended at 6. :wink:

Read all of them back when the miniseries came out 20 years ago. I had of course seen Lynch’s version but when the mini was coming out I decided I wanted to see how each differed.

The mini stayed very close to the book but was hampered by a low budget in almost every way possible. While the first book is cinematic, I think the later books will be better if they are done as a series like GoT was done.

Especially book 4. If they ever get that far it will NOT work as a film. By that point, God Emperor makes book 1 look like a night at the WWE.

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I honestly can’t imagine translating the books beyond the first into anything modern audiences want to watch, but I at least will give it a try if they do.

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Yeah, I meant 6. :laughing:
The others are… Not that… Good.

The first book is one of the books that made me who I am. One of the books I cherish and love and consider part of my personality due to the wisdom contained in them.

The litany against fear: Fear is the mindkiller, the little death that obliterates everything. I will not fear, I will allow my fear to pass over and through me, and once it has gone, I will turn my inner eye on its path. Only I remain.

This allowed my to do so many scary but glorious things in my life. From making daring life choices such as a couple career switches to stepping into the ring for a honest-to-god bout of fisticuffs.

And that’s just a tiny thing. There were also these grand thoughts in there on ecology, religion, identity and psychedelic drugs.

The rest of the books… meh. Didn’t really leave an impression on me, nor did I ever re-read them.



Thanks for sharing those. I just wish the first preview didn’t have what looks like a major spoiler. This is from someone who hasn’t read the books. I’ve only seen the Lynch movie, a few times, which was spectacular. The new one does looks very good, but they have a high mountain to climb. Should be entertaining all the same. I do know which Audible book(s) I’ll be listening to next.

That’s the one I got… If I can only find enough time to read one this summer it’ll be a start.


AH! Makes sense, the first trilogy.
Ok ok I take it back. It makes really sense from a Lore point of view. Enjoy your read!

Dune is such a big missed opportunity… I grew up reading the Lord of the Rings (must’ve read the Two Towers and the Return of the King a dozen times each at least), the Silmarillion and the classics of french literature (which is pretty much the only thing we could ready at the library back then)… sadly, I never really took the time to read some “proper” science fiction. I tried to get into the “Ender” series but the characters really didn’t do it for me. I did enjoy Starship Troopers a lot though.


Dune has a special place in my heart due to the two computer games, one by Cryo and the famous Dune 2 by Westwood.

Then I saw the movie as a child.

Reading the books as an adult proved to be a challenge however. It’s a dense story. :grinning:

Looking forward to the new movie however!

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Dune is great. Villeneuve is one of the greatest directors we’ve got. Every single one of his films have been either great of very good (I even like the new Blade Runner, sue me). Dune is a project made for him. I have been waiting anxiously for this movie for a long time now and this new trailer did little to ease the HYPE. :slight_smile:

(I’d recommend going back to his other films, such as Incendies, Prisoners, Arrival, and Sicario, in case you missed some.)

BTW there is a Dune series coming next and he is attached to direct the pilot, so will probably be faithful to the movie in a lot of ways:

‘Dune’ HBO Max Series Enlists New Showrunner (EXCLUSIVE) - Variety


Oh, it’s a prequel on the founding of the Sisterhood. I wonder if it will follow the Brian Herbert books then.

FYI, Dune premiers tonight in theaters (unsure which countries) and streaming on HBOmax at 1800 EDT.


going to the theater to see it tonight.


Streaming the original one tonight, and then if the wife is interested probably see it Sunday. Else I’ll catch a matinee this weekend by myself.


Me too!

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