Dirt 5 released

For the sim racers and gearheads, Dirt 5 is on Steam.


Reviews I’ve seen indicate it is NOT for the sim racers anymore. Dirt Rally has taken that mantle while Dirt series has embraced the gymkhana stuff and is far more casual now.

For me, the pinnacle of the Dirt series was 2 and 3. The perfect balance of realism and fun with great MP.
Dirt 4 blew the realism away and DR did away with MP so now I have nothing.

My friend and I played Dirt 2 and 3 in coop MP against AI drivers in rally, rallycross, gymkhana (in 3), for hours and hours. Then when they removed GFWL from Dirt 3 the AI were gone, leaving it feeling hollow. So now we can’t play the old D2/3 (because GFWL is dead), the new D3 has MP with just the 2 of us, and the later titles offer no AI either making it pointless. :frowning:

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I really liked setting up my own team in Dirt4 and painting the cars, and the procedurally generated stages were a good idea, though they probably weren’t worth the effort that obviously went into programming them. If they could combine that with a decent (Dirt Rally) handling model, and the old school style MP from Dirt3, then they’d have a winner in my book.

Actually, I’d still be playing Dirt4 if it had VR…