Dirt Rally 2.0 Monte Carlo released

Dirt Rally 2.0 has released Monte Carlo, beautiful and the best ice and sludge sound/feel I’ve ever heard/felt in a game. IMO. (Of course I never drove a rally car IRL, but I have had a lot of fun with cars in the snow and ice.) :blush:

To big to upload here, too lazy to downsize them, so a link:


OK, that worked, lol.

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Not all the tracks were included on release, or is this some sort of post-release free update?

I guess the difference is if it was supposed to be there day one or not…

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was free for me, but it might be because I bought the digital deluxe edition, or something like that… I loved the Germany tracks from DR1, so I hope to see those soon.

A colleague of mine participated in this years Monte Carlo Historique race, as a map reader.

Just fyi. On Xbox its $4 or if you git the $80 dollar version it’s free.

I once drove a Saab on icy roads like that…skidded off and totaled the thing…:open_mouth:

…just kidding @Troll :wink:

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