Discobot and OpenAI

That last one went a bit odd. There are all sorts of heuristic parameters to feed the AI, with the above being pretty ‘loose’ in terms of creative interpretation. I can switch that down and see what it does again.

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Ha ha! Go nuts!


Ok, I’m going to feed it in something like an aircraft start-up sequence or something and then we can ask it stuff. :slight_smile:


OK Disco…I’ve been trying this for the last 15 minutes. And I can’t get it to work as you described. I’m starting to wonder - is that metric left and right??

I’m really anxious that the next mission might NOT be the 4th Assault. What if it skips right to the 5th Assault and we never find out how the 4th Assault went?

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Took a quick couple of paragraphs from this guide and then asked it a question:

Chuck's Guides

Look out @Chuck_Owl, @Discobot is getting into the guides game :wink:

"The flaps are controlled with the wing flap lever. It is important to note that the lever has three positions: Up, Neutral (Hold) and Down. To deploy flaps, you need to set the lever to DOWN, wait a few seconds, then set the lever back to Neutral (HOLD). This will prevent the electrical motor from constantly running once the flap is set in the desired position.

Keep in mind that there are no flap position indicator in the cockpit and deploying the flaps at an airspeed greater than the Max Gear/Flap Extension Speed can jam them (this speed is visible on the airspeed indicator’s yellow index). Always make sure that you are below 185 kts
before deploying your flaps or landing gear."

Q. How long do you need to hold the level down for?

@Discobot: A. It takes around 4 seconds for the flaps to deploy.
Q. Do I need to set the lever to DOWN before I start my take-off run?
A. No, you can set the lever to DOWN after you have started your take-off run.
Q. Can I retract the flaps in flight?
A. Yes, you can retract the flaps at any time during flight, but make sure that you are below 185 kts or the flaps will jam in position.
Q. Do I need to set the lever to UP before landing?
A. No, you can set the lever to UP after you have started your landing approach and are below 185 kts or the flaps will jam in position.
Q. What happens if I forget to set the lever back to NEUTRAL after deploying or retracting my flaps?
A. The flap motor will continue running until it has reached its maximum travel limit (the flap motor is controlled by a relay). This will cause a significant drain on your battery and could cause damage if left for an extended period of time (i.e., overnight). Always make sure that you are below 185 kts before deploying or retracting your flaps or landing gear and remember that it takes around 4 seconds for the flaps to finish.

Ok, off out for a bit now so my manual copy/paste from the API to here will be off for a while (slow humans!). If anyone can think of anything they want for Discobot to author then provide some ‘training’ info and I’ll get back to this. I’ll see if I can get a key that will be ok to hook this up publicly as well.

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wow. spend all weekend immersed in cyberpunk only to surface to this!

@discobot: The sky was the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel…


@fearlessfrog… Are you sure that 2020 is the year to experiment with this…? :wink:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Whoopsie daisy, let’s try this again.

@Discobot: Is your head built from paradox-absorbing crumple zones?

Edit: I guess i missed my window of opportunity. Shucks!

I’d like to know if he is an Android, and if yes, what he dreams of.

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One thing that might work with this is that we pick a topic with a lot of text (say 2000 words min) and then I feed it in and ask Discobot to post. The AI is better at ‘continuation’ if given a ‘prompt’ that is chunky, rather than short questions. It can spit out facts pretty easily, but the fun is where it tries to match the style of text it is given. Anyone got any topic suggestions I can go grab text from and try?

Forget discobot, this is the best use of AI today :wink:

I present the Mudspike Opera in F# - Blob Opera — Google Arts & Culture


OMG this is incredible! :joy:


My kids think this is better than Minecraft now.


So the Matrix was real.



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