Discourse mobile behaviour

Anyone experiencing changed behaviour over the past couple weeks? For some reason I’m now getting a new tab every time I go through the hub… Didn’t have this before.

It used to seem like it was opening a web layer and closing it when I went back, but now it’s fully a new tab in the browser, and is like a bookmark? Super weird.

What is Discourse?

The forum software.

I’ll take that as a no and just keep closing my 50 mudspike tabs when I notice :yum:

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Or maybe not enough people read your post yet…?
I can’t say I recognize that kind of bevaviour.
What browser are you using?

I am using the Chrome browser on my Mobile and everything seems to be working normally for me.


Stock iPhone SE with Safari. Seems to work fine. Writing, and especially editing, posts is a chore but that has always been the case.

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