Discourse v3

There’s a new version of the forum software installed today. It includes new features such as multithreading and DLSS a sidebar thing.

As new things are scary, you can turn it off by hitting the three lines next to the forum logo :hamburger: :armenia:. It’ll collapse it out of sight…


Other new things no-one asked for are here:

I disabled the stupid chat thing, as we have a Discord for that already.


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What did I post to warrant all this sudden attention??! Oh, the menu looks different - software updates strike again!

At least we don’t do those cell network emergency alerts!

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The new sidebar is sort of growing on me, in a fungus sort of way :mushroom:. I like the grey dots showing the ‘unread’ stuff per category. On mobile it’s not good, but it seems to remember to stay hidden.

The Discourse release branch we track for here is really just for security updates, but when it gets to a vX point number they inevitably put new stuff in. Some new features can be turned off but others are really how they want to go, so better just to go with the flow.

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@fearlessfrog I have only been a member for a short time, but your dedication to keep this site up and running goes above and beyond…

If you have a Patreon account I will definitely ‘subscribe’ to that. Otherwise, about the only way I know to express my appreciation is that even after all these years I still have a couple of 1st Armoured Regiment cap badges and one of them is yours if you are prepared to PM me an address to mail it to.


I appreciate the thought, so thank you.

I’m really only stepping in more while @BeachAV8R takes a break to reorg the site a bit. As long-term members can attest, my time here sort of comes and goes, like a sudden burst of activity, solar flare style, or perhaps more like a herpes outbreak :wink: - I’m off on the road again on Jan 9th, but like a bad penny, I’ll turn up again in the future. Sort of like a really lame boring IT batman. :bat:


And I appreciate the modesty. But the offer still stands - if you want one it’s yours.

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I overheard the caped crusader say that he feels like a crimefighting @fearlessfrog:wink:

I’ll change the lightbulb in the froglamp and polish the reflector. Which part of the sky should we point it? Eastwards again?

Safe travels and thank you!


Full release info on Discourse 3.0


Hmmmm…Mudspike forums change software platform and the FAA NOTAM system crashes…Coincidence??? I think not. :open_mouth: