Dissimilar Formation Flying

Wraith, Aero, and I took a few jets up to practice some formation flying in DCS World 1.5. It is as beautiful as it is hyped up to be, even in the “old” Black Sea terrain.

Being the slow guy in the group, I have to show off, so I tell Wraith to hold my beer while I move in close.

Unfortunately, during the maneuvering, my wingtip tank and his left elevator attempted to co-locate within the same 4D hypervolume, resulting in an irreversible volumetric displacement of critical structure (e.g., we bumped). I got a flaming wingtip tank while Wraith lost half his elevator but all three aircraft were recovered safely.

That is … totally not going to buff out.

I’m gonna need a lot of duct tape. And some baling wire. And a whole pack of gum.

Fortunately for us, the Ops desk was having a two-for-one sale on incident report packages, so we got off relatively easy.


Don’t worry, the engineers have this!


great to see that the collision model didnt end you up in one great fireball but allowed you to bring back home the birds :+1: :beers: