Dive!, Dive!, Dive!

So I need this like I need a hole in the head due to other projects (Harrier, X-Mas Flight, MacRobertson Air Race…lolz…) but at the house we are in a binge submarine movie watching week for some reason. I actually found SH3 modded with the Grey Wolves Expansion (GWX) more to my liking than SH5 just because I couldn’t figure out SH5 (are there any tutorials?). Will start a career eventually, just got to do some training first…


Oh man I wasted spend so much time with SH3 (and 4 and 5). The thrill of the hunt. The joy of watching your fish strike home. The fear as you dive deep in your tin can and you hear the angry sheepdog trundling closer, banging away on their sonar.

I took out the sonar ping and made it my phones’ message notification sound. ping! they’re on to us now kaleunt…

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I used to manually calculate firing solution with Ti-86 calculator in SH3. Good times…brings back memories.

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I had a very unique multiplayer experience in Iron Wolf today. (Too difficult to AAR with a phone but imagine a little Swedish kid in a submarine with a German and an American. It was quite funny.) Anywho, Iron Wolf has grown to be to SH what VTOL VR has been for DCS—plus a nicely done multiplayer capability

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I need to give Iron Wolf a whirl for sure…that you endorse it as the VTOL VR of submarines is a pretty good feather in its cap!

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My issue with it previously was, although it was unique and fun for a few hours, I quickly got bored and put it on the shelf. Like VTOL, it’s been a constant layering of improvements ever since. And also like VTOL I came back to it after a spell and found myself giddy with all the new changes. But it might be one of those things where one finds the gameplay repetitive. I probably will anyway. I have the attention span of a six year old.

What had me so hyped up yesterday was this experience on this Swedish kid’s boat. I jumped into his crew in an open world. He spoke no English. I don’t think he even realized he had a microphone. He only talked when speaking to his mother in another room. He kept following me around the boat and gesturing orders. Mainly whatever I grabbed he would grab. It was totally like being with a kid—both in charm and irritation. Then a German dude came on and tried to bring so order to the boat.

He was great and spoke perfect English. I explained my situation with the kid. He took his flashlight out and shined it on my head. I said “what are you doing?” He was checking the color of my helmet so that he could ID which of us was the adult and which was the one playing with the welding torch. (Players have different color helmets for that purpose.) Was that fun? Probably not. But it sure was unlike any multiplayer experience I have had to this point. With the right company it would be a total blast. Maybe like tank crew but with more shared responsibilities.

Where it is similar to VTOL is in how it simulates the variety of functions and capabilities of a sub but does not attempt to simulate any particular boat. The valves and controls are all designed for VR. The boat has just four compartments so getting from the bridge to the torpedoes takes just a second or two but you still have a sense of the boat’s size. It’s all very clever and functional. It’s also nice to stand up and play a game. My mid-life-crisis bones :bone: appreciate the change.



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As a German, I found this alarmingly funny.


I may have had a similar experience as an ROTC cadet in an M1A2 crew simulator… The instructor even had a german accent.