DIY Cable adapter for Warthog extension

The release of the Thrustmaster F18 stick made me face a little problem.
Because now I have two joysticks, I often swap between those two. The F18 stick is used for the Hornet and the Harrier,the Warthog stick for everything else.
I use the joystick with a 10cm extension and always disliked the loose cable inside the extension and the frequent awkward plugging/unplugging.

So I designed and printed an adapter which lays inside the extension tube.
This is the design:

The adapter offsets the connectors by 25 degrees (my personal preference).
This is the printed result and I am very happy how it turned out:

These are the STL files, if anyone is interested (45.0 KB)


Brilliant! :smiley:

Brilliant! :+1:


Nice job!