DIY Desk and Foldable Mounts

I thought it will be good idea and go ahead and build some quick and easy desk mounts from things laying around and available in my local hw store.

PoC :slight_smile:


Nice! Is it sturdy enough for vigorous VR BFM?


I can say it is sturdy enough for X55 which is relatively light stick. Yesterday I died few times online and it was definitely not caused by the desk mounts :wink:

Screws holding the mounts against table, on the second pic, are M6. These can be easily replaced by M8 screws for increased ‘safety’.

Also these L brackets, which I had few laying around, are not ideal as one side is shorter than the other one - 65mm vs 100mm. There are oc symmetrical brackets available which could be better fit for these desk mounts.

Anyway, X55 throttle is more heavier so I will try slightly different design on it ( hopefully today ).


A very cheap and modular design.
I like!


Me too. I like it. Amazing really. Good job @NEVO


Nice! Clever!

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You are well ahead of my lumber based DIY solution, I use 2” C-Clamps to hold the mount to the desk, and 1” clamps to hold the Warthog stick base to the mount.

Are you going to paint it black to match?

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How about wood screwing it in from the bottom without going through the top?

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Very nice, NEVO; simple and effective. Love it!

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Thx guys for kind words ! They were built also as inspiration for anyone looking for some easy and affordable desk mounts.

Sounds as a good idea @WreckingCrew . In my case I will move them to the sides occasionally as I need space for the center cyclic stick between my knees.
Also I had replaced standard M6 screws with furniture M6 screws with bigger flat heads so they hold the mounts better against the table.

I guess @Wes, that will be definitely @troll’s level of DIY :wink: As my ’ desk ’ is actualy part of a rack stand which is all metal these metal desk mounts quite fit.

And here some prototypes.
I used combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical angle brackets this time.

For the lighter stick - two symmetrical and one asymmetrical reinforced angle bracket.

For the heavier throttle - one symmetrical and two asymmetrical reinforced angle brackets. Plus straight brackets as the base support.

They are sturdy enough but there is slight ’ play in the pitch axis ’ of the base. Square profile aluminum tubings could solve that I guess.


I saw your pictures when you posted them originally. I thought like ‘good quick idea, but the c-clamps are little obtrusive… there should be something more straight forward’. Only later I realized this solution with unscrewing the nuts will push the screw heads against the desk.

When I started I didn’t know what height I wanted or if I would like it. It had to be entirely free (excluding labour), temporary, adjustable and disposable if it didn’t suite me. If you look you’ll see the vertical chunk of 2x4 actually goes through a cutout in the top board - originally, it was held from falling out by a large C-clamp, which allowed me to adjust its height. Once dialed in, I screwed it in place and ditched that clamp. The clamps in that picture are newer smaller ones, they don’t cause me much bother. Not worth trying to build a solution that for me!

Your screw method is the proper way to go about it though. The only upgrade would be the clamp/screw style of the Monstertechs. I found a local supplier of those, but at $30 a pop I didn’t think it worth my money.

With the arm rest of my chair able to drop below my mount, I don’t have any issues with “droop” and the arm rest can brace it.

hey guys, I was pondering a dilema one of my virtual - sqn counterparts has regarding his setup and available space, so i came up with the following “desk-pit” setup for him.

“for the space poor desk jockey”

Basically stores all his controllers in a securable foldaway box that can be put on castor wheels and moved out of the way, slipped under the desk or used to rest your beer on whilst your browsing mudspike forums…

It will allow for easy storage and easy (re-) setup keep safe from little fingers (if you have little explorers)
could be lockable for security (out of sight out of mind)
and on castor wheels for portability (when she finally renders you homeless)
space above pedals could be used for book shelf for pams/manuals, or storage of VR headset

The dimensions will need to be adjusted for specific desk & seat heights as well as the controllers used.

Currently measurements are approx: ~500 wide ~700 high + castor wheels ~500 deep
this would place the base of the throttle and stick around 350~400 from the ground


…and when folded, where is the space for that jockey ? :wink: Looks good!

hiding in the closet…
thanks @nevo, didn’t want to detract from your post,
but couldn’t really find anywhere else to put it.

np, feel welcomed in this thread :slight_smile:

theres some more tweeking coming that will see some braces to hold it in the open positions
and fold back up into the main case, as well as some little additions to the internals for storage

Damn! That’s a sweet idea! :+1:

thanks @Troll, as stated not something I need personally, but my mate is currently moving and space is always at a premium, he has a young family and setup is time consuming & often a low priority … so I came up with this as a possible solution to his dilema.

i added the braces for the side sections to hold them at 90 degrees
& a brace to hold the MFD panel at a set angle. Also a small shelf for VR headset


if anyone is interested in this design, i can put up a link to the fusion 360 model so you can download it yourself and modify as required, or if you just want a set of drawings with dimensions - I can whip that up as well, its not a detailed design, fairly simplistic but most of my designs are all function over fashion, i have no use for shiny shoes.

Once i get my cnc machine, this will be one of the first projects I tackle for its simplicity and to get a grip on nesting components and tiling the oversized stock through multiple cuts.