DIY Helicopter Collective? Yes please!

This is quite nice. Homemade and looking like a quality unit!

Trawlled off of reddit.


Pulling for power…



Starting to think about my Huey collective project again…
Does anyone know of any good designs regarding collective friction?
Other than this gem of a document
I’m borrowing from this design and my own concept

I’m not happy with my base design and wish to improve the friction lock (not visible in this version illustrated above)
I also need to revamp the head as it’s overly and unnecessarily complicated


Good you dug this tread.

I actualy made ’ some kind ’ of DIY colective out of TM 16k joy. Nothing to go to public with :slight_smile: , its an early prototype, but it serves its purpose…


In fact, creation of almost ’ DIY ’ colective is easy I would say. You just need CH Pro Thortle ( or other sliding throtle ) and some kind of side mount to ofice chair.
If you mount Pro Throtle on a side of a chair - bottom of it facing to the side of chair and front of it facing to the floor. Then it can serve as a colective - pushing will results in travel to the floor and pulling in up travel.

Thats why the throtle action in XP is by default reversed for helos. Hopefully, nobody is pulling for power with desk throtle :wink:

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I pull for power at my desk. Always have!

(That is until I starting pulling thin air using the VR touch controller.)


Nevo…GET OUT OF MY HEAD…dude you’re creeping me out!
my first sim-pit design (the mark 1 - I called it)
i had my old TM-TQS where i could mount it to the side wall vertically like a collective,
but because the TQS had that arcing throttle action, i didn’t like it as much and I would enviously salivate at the straight sliding action of the CH pro throttle… that’s what i wanted ( but couldn’t justify another controller)
for me it was easy to mount on the side of the sim-pit, but for guys with office/swivel chairs, not as attractive, as bumping and potentially damaging the controller was a consideration.

FYI (& my only claim to fame) my Mk II cockpit was the design that inspired the “Akers-Barnes” cockpit, which Michael and Peter actually credited me for in their original web page (very humbling).
Back then I couldn’t use CAD and didn’t bother producing workable plans


DIY colective… in progres :slight_smile:

Just checked the above link of Damien page and he is actualy right, two pilow block bearings are necesary. One ( bearing ) causes side wigle of the colective handle


Few pics of my ’ quick n easy ’ prototype while I am waiting for the bearings to be delivered.

Electronics is MaRS sensor from COBRA M5 joy. One axis already used for the ruder pedals. This is the second axis.

No friction, no grip yet, just contra weight…


Some progres

And progressed again - grip installed.
Also changed the PCB with MaRS sensor as I realized I have few diferent revisions of COBRA M5 joystick electronics and I decided to save the latest revision for THE other project.

EDIT : Troubleshooting completed. Cable was OK. I didnt notice that on older revision of main PCB are the wires twisted where on newer PCB are running straight. Anyway I updated all the conection points with Dupont conector. Looks much nicer now.

So now colective axis is working and also grip butons are working as expected. Next I need to mount damper to it to make the travel smoooooth :slight_smile:


The issue with using the bearings is that they are ‘self-centering’ and will have an amount of play in them to allow for the rotating shaft to align. Found this out with my pedal design and had to design a shim/guide to run under the pivot plate to prevent the bearing from wobbling all over the place.

If you only have one bearing and then hang a long (lever) handle to that, it will invariably end up applying some lateral force to the bearing and move your axis of rotation off-line from what you had intended. Therefore the design will require 2 bearings to cancel out that ability to pivot.

Im also revamping my collective design (base only) as I’ve now done away with the huey head and twist grip and hoping to capitalise on the Left Hand SCG grip i have aquired.
Hoping to connect it to the collective and wire it up, and take advantage of the twist axis in it for the throttle as well.

Been discussing with a colleague about using earth magnets for the friction locks
but might need to keep a steering dampener in the design to maintain that hydraulic feel.


I was also considering to use the twist axis from the COBRA M5 grip but in the end didnt go for it. Not all helos have throttle control as twist grip so I abandoned that idea.

Yep, two bearings works just OK.

Still didnt order the dampers as it seems like I need one size for the colective and other size for the cyclic. Still trying to figure out how to use same size of dampers on both.

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Dampers installed. It is time to reveal how I can fly the XP Spit so well with the collective !? :wink:

In fact it was meant to be transformer from the begining : collective <-> throttle

Here in the throttle position

Inspiration comes from the early era US jet fighters like F86 and the century fighters F104, 105, 106