DIY Joystick Gimbal

Huh, wanted to order the replacement WarBRD CosmoSim Cams from VPC.

Set of Cams - 24 EUR
Shipping - 15 EUR

Now what ? Should I just bite the bullet and buy them or should I DIY them !? …decisions…

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Just the cams?
If you are doing dual scissor cams, I´d say DIY. Have a look at the pics in my BRD-N review, for inspiration…

Yes, just the dual scissors cams.
Exact drawing will be handy :wink:

VPC did some adjustments to their shipping methods… now it is 18EUR instead of 15 :thinking: :lying_face:

So if anyone, within EU, has set of spare WarBRD cams laying around I will be interested :slight_smile: