DIY OH58D collective

@Bearhedge: I will give it a shot.

This is the switch:

I only saw that it also has a rotating encoder when it arrived. But in the datasheet similar 8-way switches without encoder are also described.
It was the only affordable switch I could found. Only for testing purposes an OTTO switch would be to expensive.

Edit: I haven’t tested(wired) it yet.

Regarding the twist of the throttle: Only 30 degrees I think, but this can be increased by modifying the e-bike grip(move one of the neodym magnets).

Well, it’s done! ( 9 months later :smiley:)
I changed the base to a USB handbrake and shortened the whole thing a lot. It’s much more stable and reliable now.
The maiden flight went very nicely, except that I have to adjust to “pull for power” :roll_eyes:.


Very, very, nice job!
Would love to see some close-ups and perhaps a video…

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Ok, so here some detail shots.

Someone in the DCS forum had the idea to use the USB handbrake as collective base, and it solved most of my problems. Most of the friction, needed to keep the arm up, comes from the bolt nut on the right. The damper only helps a little bit, and is mostly for the feel.

Removed the spring inside of the handbrake

It comes with a hall sensor, which is connected to an Arduino Leonardo (Plug&Play in Windows).
I connected the hall sensor the the LeoBodnar board, that I use for the head and ignore the Arduino.

I printed a connection for the tube and reinforced it with two threaded rods.

The head is a bit rough, but it works great. I didn’t even replace the printed switches.
The throttle grip could use a little bit more friction, but it is ok for now.

No one will look down here^^


Just found this great old project,

Did you ever publish the STL files for buy or download ?

Hi assafm25, welcome to Mudspike!

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Thank you very much :pray:t3: