DIY OH58D collective

A few weeks ago I started another DIY project.
It started mainly to learn basic design skills in Fusion360 and to improve my 3D prints. Also I have to work with metal, design and use the soldering iron. Something, I don’t need in my normal life as a software developer.

This is the final desgin:

Since the whole thing was not planned as a highly professional game controller, I tried to get by with simple means.
The complete buttonbox, including the multidirectional switches, is completely 3D printed.
The throttle of an e-bike acts as throttle.

Prototype phase:

The main design problems were the idle-release button including the connection to the throttle and the 5 directional switch in the middle.
The templates for all switches were only 4 directional.

All parts in their final design printed:

Assembled and painted:

(Designing, printing, assembling, soldering was actually not a big problem, but I realized that I will not be a good painter in this life).

Assembeld with grip:

At the moment, I am in the process of soldering all buttons to a LeoBodnar board.

Goody: Detail shot of the idle-rel button mechanism:


Great stuff!!

Aw man! That looks amazing! I am considering a new flight chair to accommodate a collective. Love to see more of your build!

Got to be good if it has the @Troll engineering stamp of approval :+1:


That’s a thing of beauty. :heart_eyes:

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Wow, that looks fantastic!

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Thank you all!
All the soldering is done and the “head” is assembled ( I may have to reprint the back cover to make a little more space for the matrix board).

Next step is to build the collective base. I don’t have any exact plans for that yet. Just like @Fridge, I would like to build a kind of flight/race rig. So the base will probably be a 80/20 aluminium bracket.
As a damper, I use a motorcycle damper that I originally wanted to install in my MFG pedals.

And this is the heap of 3d printed prototype parts (or misdesigned ones) :wink::


I love some of the clever things you’ve done with this! Definitely using it as an inspiration!

Only little progress over the past weeks:

The joint could be a bit more sturdy, but it’s ok for now.
The only thing thats missing is the second hall-sensor.

I also found these buttons as a possible alternative for the 3d printed ones.

@Mods: Can you please move this thread to the DIY section? Ty!



And nice job!

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Only little progress on the collective.
I‘am still waiting for the bigger drill to inset the bearings.


I’m not 100% satisfied with this solution. Due to the weight of the head I have to adjust the damper too much to prevent it from sinking down by itself. I could work with a counterweight, or try to mount the damper on the other side.


How about a pull spring on the other side…?

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Counterweight has less wear though! Perhaps 2 springs offer a little more dampening and reduce wear?

Wouldn’t be much wear?
But a counterweight would be simpler, but a spring could be less intrusive…

Depends on how you use it, if you need it to stay up for a longer time then it’ll definitely stretch the spring.

We’re still talking about a collective, right? Sorry! I just had to… :wink:

Now that’s just a matter of getting the correct spring dimension. Remember that the spring is just helping the damper offsetting some of the moment. But sure, use a small spring and stretch it too far…

Anyway, it would be easy to test it out though.


Thanks for the ideas! I also thought about using a second damper to have more flexibility.


Would a counterweight have to be quite heavy, given it would be so close to the fulcrum in comparison to the other side?

I also wondered whether extending the L-bracket connecting to the damper further out would change things…but sadly my understanding of moment arm physics isn’t strong enough to give you an answer, haha.

A spring or a second damper both seem like viable options to my layman’s eye.

I love the design, by the way - beautiful work! Great use of aluminium extruder bars.

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@Ugene, could you tell me a little bit more about this switch? Part number?

Also, how many degrees of twist does the throttle handle have?

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