DIY Spitfire stick, by

This looks interesting…


amazing things people build with 3D printer these days


This video was up a few days ago about it.

Authentikit Spitfire throttle quadrant.

I am amazed at the construction and parts breakdown of these kits!

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I recently finished building my throttle and trim wheel, and wanted to revive this thread for anyone unaware. Authentikit is a great project with a lot of potential. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have an interest in DIY controls.


Nice job there, @kodiak80!


I’ve printed and assembled all of the spitfire gear except for the gunsight now, and got to fly with them the first time this week. What a blast! Definitely a wonderful project, and dead simple to DIY. The designer is a genius in terms of engineering for 3D printing. I’d post pictures, but they look the same as above.

Flying with a trim wheel is fun, and the brake handle being an actual handle makes a big difference in ground handling.

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