DIY throttle

First of all welcome to MudSpike @PDM !

I went ahead and created dedicated diy throttle thread as we dont have one I think.

For you @PDM or anyone else, who wants some simple & compact throttle quadrant, and who wants to save him self some ‘diy hassle’ I would recommend to check this thread on il2 forums.

GVL224 is building custom throttle quadrants for sale. Of note is that he is building left and also right handed quadrants.
His email is : GVL224[at]ukr[.]net

diy hassle = I have few running diy projects (3) so I know what I am talking about :wink: … but I would do it again to be honest… I am rebuilding two of them already… but my common sense is telling me ‘buy it’ :smile:


Welcome @PDM!
Can’t wait to see what’s on your mind!

Thanks @komemiute ! :blush:
Now, there’s always a lot on my mind, so I can’t promise/predict supersonic-progress on this project, but I’ll do my best ! :slight_smile:

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… oh, and thanks for the tip on GVL224’s design !

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sure, could be used as an inspiration oc

And also many thanks for the warm welcome @NEVO ! :blush:
Having had a quick look at GVL224’s creations, which I’m sure work great and do look/feel the
part, I’ll probably opt for a more compact approach … let’s wait and see. :slight_smile:

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You can buy only mechanics for levers and sensor (MagREZ - KMZ41) from GVL224 and use in your project.