DK2 and Lightsabers

This looks good!

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Very cool.

The Valve Vive VR and the Lighthouse system’s started shipping to dev’s this week, only till November to get stuff ready - not long. The hand tracking looks to be very good…

Here’s the set-up instructions (and no, I don’t have these yet unfortunately :frog:)

This could go one of two ways… I get in better shape playing this, I don’t play this because I am not in better shape :smile:

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That’s a really good point about these VR promised lands, in that do we really want to go the way of the Wii ‘let’s all jump around the room?’

The Oculus Rift early versions have shown that for a lot of people then only tenable VR ‘presence’ experience comes from a sitting position, where you are playing in-game a vehicle where you are also sat down (i.e. sat in a car / plane / spaceship) and driving/piloting. The games that require you to play running around (say, any first-person shooter or Skyrim like walker), while actually really sat down is quite tiring on the brain. It’s ok for 10 minutes, but for long term play, existing first-person views where you can move your camera as if they are your legs is a problem.

Valve are going the ‘you hold these controllers and stand’ approach, which is a real gamble. They at the minimum are going for a ‘sit-down experience with really accurate hand-tracking’. It’s going to put the price-point over $700 (I’m guessing) and it will require specially written VR experiences.

Oculus at e3 will probably announce their controller story, and (again a guess) will probably go for a custom controller experience too, but perhaps more optional and not the whole ‘room tracking’ thing. Dunno.

So many people don’t have the space to set-up a VR cave, so it will be interesting to see how this goes. In some ways Vive and Oculus might not be competing so much head-on as it would appear. The consumer OR might be a gentler intro into VR, and more a gentle step-up from what we have (especially flight sims), while the Valve might be the ‘wacky new thing’ that could be amazing but more specialized, as in not ‘ported’ games but ones especially written for it.

Lawsuits, damage, injuries… funny youtube vids… can’t wait :smile:

Possible DLC pack for ‘Surgeon Simulator 2016 - VR Injury, Tangled Wires Edition’

I really like the hatchet at :42…that is really a precision surgical instrument…

Oculus Consumer Version 1, plus the new ‘Touch’ controllers coming later in June 2016 (or H1 as they say in marketing, as it sounds sooner).