DLSS 2.0

So Nvidia released DLSS 2.0 on the driver update today. DLSS as I understand it is Deep Learning Super Sampling which basically allows a game to be displayed at higher resolutions like 4k while using the rendering cost of 2k or below. The big change in 2.0 is apparently the card doesn’t need per game instructions anymore, and can work in any game? Or maybe it just works in more games but not all? Don’t know but this has to be good news for VR users as well. Here’s a video showing it in action.


Important to note this is only for RTX series GPU’s.


More information from Nvidia here:

I’m running a 2080 super, just seems like DLSS would be tailor made for VR. Haven’t seen much info about it.

From what I understand it is still on a per-game basis. Its very nature requires it. So while existing games with it, and those to come, will be aided, it does nothing for games that don’t already have it.