Do I dare believe again?

I saw Flight Sim Labs had a 1.39 update on their Concorde X product so rushed over to their forums, feeling a bit like Ralphie from A Christmas Story only that instead of a Red Rider BB gun, I wanted a “memory leaks, variable initialization, and major interface issues resolved” bullet on a changelog. Alas, the only changes noted for FSX was an “Fixed ADI tilting error when loading a save game”, and some compatibility fixes for their A320 product, but that didn’t stop me from hoping.

I can already imagine the stream of “You’re gonna shoot your eye out!” posts I’m going to get for this [and rightfully deserve!], but can you blame me? SHE’S SO PRETTY!





Every few months I feel myself getting sucked in to buy that thing…then reality always kicks in.

LMAO!!! Sorry about your misfortune. I have completely given up on FSX, P3D or whatever name they put on it now. I feel your pain. With the best hardware, a fresh install of Win7 and al the patience in the world, I still could never get it to play well.

So apt, someone I’ve flown a lot online with, mostly with 2004 and FSX has given up on it in a rage when Prepar3D is refusing to work at all after a reinstall of the OS. He said he was going to put up all of his stuff on ebay and call it quits…

X-plane hasn’t crashed on me and that makes me feel quite happy! Shame about the lack of good concorde sims though.

This relationship very much reminds me of another in that you did nothing wrong, but are being punished for your adoration all the same.

I’ve come to the opinion that P3D has been “improved” about as much as the platform ever will, and to accept it as such. In other words, enjoy and work with what I have, but not spend a lot of energy or income trying to fix it.

I’ll keep it installed for the Beech 350 and some A2A aircraft that I enjoy flying. V4 would need to be a migration to 64 bit before I’d give it a serious look. A very unlikely prospect though.

I had been this close to buying A2A’s Constellation for FSX. I still wonder if my issues with the Concorde X are unique to Concorde or if they represent an FSX-wide malaise.

And I forgot the Superbug. I suppose as DCS gets closer to releasing their C model, that I’ll spend time in the bug working on CQ.


DONT. For the love of all that is good move away from FSX!


Wait a second… you guys are telling me T-Swift is single again??

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