Do You Have A VR Problem? Lets take a quiz!

So in the VR News thread @Smokinhole remarked that the VR Headset does sometimes permanent alterations to his hairdo. This got me thinking about what other effects the VR lifestyle might impose. Have some of you made life altering choices regarding the new technology? Have you thought about it in strange ways? Lets take a quiz to find out if you have a problem.

Disclaimer: Unlike your University psychology texts, any resemblance of the questions here to your own actions and thoughts are purely intentional

1) Do you wear heavy sunglasses during the day so the real world makes more sense?
Y) It helps with the “transition” time too +10 points
N) I don’t like wearing things on my head 0 points

2) Do you consider sunlight to be needlessly harmful?
y) The lighting effects in DCS are amazing now +10 points
n) Fresh air gets a bad rap 0 points

3) Do you think to yourself that this activity (insert hiking, Jet Skis, Scuba Diving, etc.) would be fantastic in VR while you are ACTUALLY doing that activity?
y) Sweat is overrated +10 points
n) That would be stupid to think of doing something I am already doing 0 points

4) Do you find driving your own car on real streets rather mundane and uninteresting?
y) These real life raindrops don’t look full real to me +10 points
n) Driving is a privilege not a joy ride 0 points

5) Have you considered attaching a web cam to the front of your headset so you can see what is going on in the real world?
y) You know you have +10 points
n) ??? 0 points

6) Do you now view all swivel chairs with suspicion?
y) They are the devil +10 points
n) Inanimate objects are inanimate 0 points

7) If Rise of Flight had VR, would you seriously consider setting up two box fans to blow wind past your face to complete the experience?
y) I already own box fans! what is the hold up? + 10 points
n) Actually that could be pretty cool +5 points

8) Have you tried to work out how to make a holster for your beer out of a coozie so that you always know where it is?
y) I have gone as far as to suggest a material for the holder that would show up in “my” world +10 points
n) I hate spilling things 0 points

9) Please calculate the amount of time in minutes you worked on the beverage problem and add that number to your score

10) Do you have a mental checklist that you go through before donning the headset that includes a lengthy bathroom break, procuring food and snacks for easy reach, and a final check of “everyone is where they need to be and cool, right?”
y) Once I am connected don’t even +10 points
y) +10 additional points if you have an actual checklist
n) Bio breaks allow me to stretch my legs 0 points

11) Does your significant other call it “That goggle thingy,” “Scuba Steve” or “Your pretend place?”
y) Muggles. +10 points
n) Their approval means the world to me 0 points

12) Have you looked on Ebay for a flight helmet to attach the headset to and bring the whole thing full circle?
y) The headset alone feels unfinished +10 points
y) Additional 10 points if you looked for a Russion white golf ball helmet for the Mi-8
y) Additional 10 points if the swivel chair thing factored in
n) Even dorkier 0 points

13) When you leave the house directly after a VR session, do you tell people you were Welding to explain the facemask face?
y) I have made up excuses but the welding one is really good, thanks Tanker. should be good with art chicks +10 points
n) Does it really leave marks? 0 points

14) Have you thought about getting an Amazon Echo so you can talk to Alexa, someone who really “gets” you?
y) Leave her out of this +10 points
n) Bad overused joke about AI. Besides, Siri is my only 0 points

15) Have you purposely not used your VR headset in multiplayer dogfights because it imposes real fighter pilot limitations that TrackIR users don’t have and well fuuuuck that competitive imbalance?
y) I’ll put it on when everyone does +10 points
n) It’s just a game? Maybe I don’t get it…-5 points

16) Have you considered ways to use home automation like Tradfrii or NeXt to interact with the other occupants of the house while they are trapped in that other reality? Perhaps like blinking the kitchen lights to signal you would like another beer?
y) I also watch for when the bedroom light goes out so I know I have a few more hours. I’ll deal with her anger in the morning +10 points
n) Facepalm 0 points

17) Are you still salty that Bohemia Interactive spent their resources making that terrible Jets DLC instead of Take On Helicopters 2 VR?
y) Good dog! +10 points
n) Actually story driven anything would be good these days +5 points

18) Have you thought about building a custom controller for an esoteric interface device in your favorite vehicle to increase the tactile immersion while in VR?
y) Touch is part of the equation +10 points
n) I don’t have building skills 0 points
Y) I actually built a controller, posted pictures of the construction on this website, and solicited opinions on where the decals should go, even though I can’t see them with the headset on. +50 points

19) Do you get mad at videos that show people participating in VR, waving their heads around like Stevie Wonder, and moving the controllers to who knows what kind of stupid ■■■■ they are doing in there because we sure as hell have no idea?
y) Really dude? Stevie Wonder? But yes, it has also set Marketing back 20 years -10 points
n) Hot VR girl is hot +10 points

20) When you pick up the touch controllers do you reflexively punch the air like a boxer? Do you then wonder why Mike Tyson’s Punch Out hasn’t been made for VR? Seriously that game is designed from the waist up, and while it might make the swivel chair thing even more problematic, it really would be great in VR.
y) YASSSSSSS +10 points
n) Any sports activity from your chair is problematic 0 points

21) Actually you know what would be an even better game? Mike Tyson’s Punch Out 2017. You could be Mike Tyson walking around Las Vegas punching out people you don’t like and getting into boss battles with Casino guards and Strip club bouncers. I know this is basically Saints Row IV but that game lacks critical focus and everyone knows it.
?) Umm Tanker, there is no question there. Yes there is and everyone knows that too. Give yourself 10 points

22) Are you looking forward to making grill cheese sndwiches in full VR with the Galley DLC in Star Citizen when it comes out in 2026?
y) What I am really hoping for is SC Holodeck DLC. That way I can put my VR goggles on and experience being on my spaceship and going into my holodeck and experiencing VR
n) I don’t even know what to do with that 0 points

23) Please calculate the time you spend in VR looking back and marvelling at the wings of your plane instead of where you are going as a percentage and add that number to your total.

75 + points - YOU have bought in!
Less than 75 points - have you even been reading what has been going on here lately?


Uh oh, I scored 4E24. Nice!

Only a couple of additional things I can think of @Tankerwade:

(1) Add an additional 10 points per time you’ve said ‘But in VR it’s…’ and times it by two if you know @Linebacker is listening and wincing so hard he almost swallows his back teeth. :slight_smile:

(2) You fit a mini screen door over your Kindle, just to make the reading of text look more realistic and satisfyingly hard to see.

(3) ‘Supersampling’ is now not an open buffet food related term.



:slight_smile: lol

Anyone who scores a 4E24 and up has what I call “VR tunnel vision”.

You guys have ONE portal into “virtual reality” and now I have four! Moooohoooh haaa haaaa ha … ha …

How the hell do you guys reference Chuck Owl’s guides while you’re busy getting assaulted?

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I don’t have enough outlets for that many monitors.

I’m pretty tapped out too … I use the left side of my desk for beer which I can actually see!. :grinning:

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@Linebacker 's ride


What does a perfect score get you? I might have to study for this test…


It’s really a pass fail sort of thing. The curve tends to look like either outright failure or an astronomical score that recommends advanced placement.

I have supreme confidence in you as you are the inspiration for question 8 so have at it!

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Me after a Long DCS mission in VR…




What the hell did I just watch?


Average evening of a respondent with > 75?


You could have warned me.
I bursted out laughing pretty hard at work, watching that and everyone stared.

Totally worth it, tho.

believe it or not,
I laydown in my recliner w/ VR headset on and watch movies in a huge theater now using the Oculus Video App for Local Movie Files, Whirligig App for Youtube Video Files.

I had Apps for Hulu or something at one point, but they went MIA a while ago.

But I have netflix and hulu VR on my phone w/ a cheap $20 Headset so…

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