Does anyone here use a Gametrix seat?

Would you care to share an opinion?

Does it replace, work along side or surpass a buttkicker / bass shaker?

I would be using it in conjunction with an Oculus CV1.

Thanks in advance,

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I picked one up recently, primarily for DCS. It really shines with the helicopters. I’m going to have to fly with it some more with the fixed wing aircraft before passing an informed judgment. Helicopters with the jet seat and VR - :sunglasses:

The jetseat is a must have for me. I have had to disconnect mine while the boys are home for the summer and I miss the added sensation while flying. I can guarantee you will never suffer from VRS again when flying choppers. To paraphrase a cereal commercial There greeeaaaat !

I bought a jetseat, and it’s really cool!

I didn’t like the way it simulated stall buffet, so I suggested a change to André, who makes the software.
When approaching stall, the turbulent buffet is a really important feedback that you’re about to have a bad day.
This was simulated by short vibration bursts. This naturally made the vibrator motors start and stop all the time, when flying at high AoA. My motors were quite loud, and there was quite a lot of electrical noise, like a squealing sound as the motors started.
I tried to rebuild my jetseat, as it didn’t quite fit my simbox seat. I removed the motors and the controllerboard, and made a new seatcushion from a foam mattress, hoping this would muffle the sound. Unfortunately it didn’t.

I really love the idea though! I wish someone would make an improved version with stronger vibrators and more advanced motor control.

Let’s take the stall example above, where the vibrators would go ‘BRRRT’-‘BRRRT’-‘BRRRT’-‘BRRRT’ as AoA got critical. I’d like a smoother transition from a light rumble, increasing seamlessly towards a strong vibration, linked to the AoA.
That’s what I suggested, anyway. Don’t know if André managed to do anything about it, or if it’s a limitation of the hardware. Either way, I couldn’t stand the noise, even with a headset on…


Great responses from all here!

After Troll’s comment about noise, I have a question to @Cib and @PaulRix : do you fly with a closed isolating headset on all the time?

Yes I do. I cannot/will not fly in 2d again. I did however have the jetseat before the rift and tbh the noise was never an issue from my perspective, although my wife commented on it a couple of times. There is quite a degree of control over the actual vibration. From full on teeth rattling to a gentle rumble.

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The only sim I have that I don’t fly in VR is XP11. I have not sat down to work out how to get the jetseat working in sound mode with sims other than DCS (which uses direct USB input). So yes, when I am using the JetSeat I am always in VR using the Rift’s headphones. My seat does make some noise but it isn’t at all bad. I am guessing some Jetseat motors are noisier than others.

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Yes. I don’t remember exactly, but I think that some of my motors were noisier than the others.

This thread has me thinking about getting new motors on ebay, and start some DIYing… :wink:

Yes, but the vibrations can only be about a second in duration, so if you want a prolonged vibration, like riding close to the edge of stall, the vibration is presented as a series of vibration bursts. That’s the way it was in the beginning, at least. It may have been changed since then.

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Thank you all for taking the time to answer.

Jetseat ordered, the one made of fabric with the cutout for a joystick, and the back that can separate for maintenance.

Kind regards, John


Which software are you using? The latest version is called SIMShaker for Aviators and the one I was using for a long time and stopped when it never supported the spitfire was called Simshaker for DCS world and Falcon BMS. This was better software IMO and seemed to have a better ability to tune the software for personal preference. I have no evidence to back up my theory but will try to do some comparisons at some point :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I last used it, so it must be the older software.

There is a new one? Do you have a link with more info? Pics?

Hey Troll, link below.
The back is removable allowing access to the guts should MX be required.

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I have used the Jetseat for a long time, in its original configuration.
It does buzz a little, but no more than that my wife could watch movies in the same room as I was sitting while using it.
I do recommend using headset when using it, it shuts out the sound a little bit better.
I believe Andrey’s modified versions include better vibration devices, with lower noise motors.
Would be nice to get some user feedback on the noise level from these versions.

I can really recommend the JetSeat.
It adds a whole new level of sensation when flying.

You get to “feel” such things a rumble from the wheels on the runway, indiviaul loading and discharging of weapons, gear and flaps movement, buffeting on approach to stall etc.
And like others wrote, VRS in helicopters.

I can say, since I got it, I have hardly stalled an aircraft, or gotten into unrecoverable VRS in helicopters.
I simply feel the upcoming trouble so early that I can easily take corrective action before it gets too serious.

As for the Buttkicker/Bass shaker, you can purchase the sound module in the SimShaker software, then audio devices can work alongside the JetSeat.
From what I read it is really a good combination:
The JetSeat with its 6 vibration zones gives better resolution to the tactile feeling of the effects, while the audio device gives more “oomph!” to the bigger effects.

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Does anybody have experience with racing sims?

Especially in conjunction with VR my body expects some feedback in the forms of G when cornering. I wonder if I could try to trick myself with some sort of tactile feedback.
Jetseat for cars :slight_smile:

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Never seen that before. Looks a lot better!

Here are pics of my modified JetSeat :slight_smile:

I have the Buttkicker Gamer2 on my chair currently and I do have some other transducer pucks I have yet to use(still getting amps and building a footbox for pedals). I have been considering adding the Jetseat for a while now. The new design might have now done it for me. I use Sim Commander 4 for racing sims, it is kinda expensive compared to Andre’s software which I use for my flight sims. It is a hub for all your racing titles and you can launch them from it. But for damn sure, tactile feedback in racing sims is amazing and if you do the setup ‘right’, 1 at each corner, one under butt, then one on controls…it can be incredibly dialed in and detailed effect.

So…long answer short. Yes, it is great for racing sims.

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