Does anyone know if the TacPack will run in P3D v3 Pro?

Note that I’m not saying that one should do this, rather they should honor the EULA. :smile: As a casual observer, it would seem that a lot of P3Dv3 Pro owners/prospective VRS Super Bug will have to move on otherwise.

I don’t, but knowing the lengths that VRS go to make sure their programs don’t work outside of the narrow scope they’ve specified, I’d say it’s pretty unlikely.

I respect their product, but VRS takes being a kill joy and elevates it to high art.

Agree with @near_blind on all.

I’ve been curious about approaching it from a different angle, however. I wonder if, being a Pro owner, it’s possible to run it in “academic mode” or something. Perhaps with a different exe or something.

Just a thought.

Another reason I refuse to come back to P3D… lol…

Academic License vs Pro License vs 3rd party Addon Licenses…

it’s a headache…

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P3D isnt coded that way, niether are the VRS Addons,

According to VRS, it’s to prevent people from circumventing licenses… and to protect themselves.

I’m just waiting for another company to release their carrier modules so I don’t have to deal with the FSX family either. :smiley:

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It’s kind of Catch 22. I’m not a student or academic, but don’t want to run it professionally either.

Yeah. As pretty as it looks…I think I’m gonna pass on v3. I just can’t see where it fits into my limited simming at the moment. I’m 60% X-Plane, 30% DCS, and 10% FSX at this point.

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@BeachAV8R I prefer X-Plane too. But, the Rift is sim crack to me right now and unfortunately there is only VR support for P3D, FSX, and Aerofly FS2 at the moment.

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If you’re trying to rift with tacpack it’s a moot point. I have been 100% unsuccessful in getting tacpack to play nice with Flyinside. Every time it needs to render a radar or tgp screen it crashes.

Thanks @near_blind. Always good to have a kick to the cajones in the afternoon :dizzy_face:

  1. Imagine my face as I giddily load up my F-14 to go shoot down gomer and land on a carrier only to CTD. :tired_face:
  2. I could be wrong. Perhaps there is some super secret ninja setting I have not flipped to make it work. If you do get it working be sure to let us know!

After weighing the different directions that this could go, I decided to bite the bullet and buy an academic license. Since I don’t have an MEI rating, I’m a student pilot, right? :grin: Anyway, I really wanted the Superbug and the latest version of the IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 project. There’s a nice F-35B for X-Plane, but no chance of flying it in VR.

Bank account thusly depleted, but self fortified (consoled) by a double Wild Turkey 81 on the rocks, I completed my second foundational rebuild of Prepar3D since Friday. To my surprise everything installed without a hitch, so I took some time flying around NAS Pensacola in the Superbug, F-35C, and stock F-22 in VR. The Hornet is really nice, but I quickly realized that I need to build a profile for my Warthog to match its custom key bindings. As good as FlyInside is at presenting the GUI in VR, I’m having some issues clicking cockpit switches with either the tracker pointer of mouse. Both methods are much better implemented in DCS.

Comparing the Lightning II pit with what’s available in a Google search of the real aircraft shows that the developers are doing their homework. It’s interesting to see that the Raptor’s pit is distincly more Hornet than Lightning, the later having what I call the great big display (GBD). Or dare I say that the Lightning is more Tesla than Raptor?

Carrier ops next up, which should be Sierra Hotel in VR.

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Dino Catteneo has developed some friendly relations with Lockheed. If you’ll notice the IndiaFoxEcho freeware F-35A is a default aircraft :slight_smile:

If you figure out the MFDs be sure to write a guide, because I can’t make heads or tails of them, lol.

Interesting @near_blind. One would think what better simulation to depict the F-35 than a product of the parent company.

Can’t get to my system right now, but it looks like @BeachAV8R covered this aircraft in an earlier Mudspike article. Now I know what I am reading at lunch today.

Edit: I was able to connect to my system at home and found that the latest version has not only a pretty good user manual, but also a US Air Force F-35A Flight Operations Procedures doc as well (AFI11-2F-35AV3). Cockpit systems walk through begins on about page 20 of the User’s manual.


@chipwich There’s a pretty good TARGET profile over on the VRS boards that I use. It’s about as accurate as you can get with the Warthog throttle and stick.

If P3D v4 comes out and makes everybody pay full price (again), I may pick up the Academic version at that time. Though, if VRS releases the “Pro” version bug first that could force my hand sooner.

Edit - I’m also hoping they’ll do a version for the new Dovetail sim when it releases. But they tend to play that pretty close to the chest as far as new versions like that. Also, frequent Steam updates tend to break the Bug until they can release an update for it.

Great @boomerang10. That should save some time. Will check out that forum as well.

That article is horrible. But man…that reviewer…again, so devastatingly handsome!

As @komemiute has often said - I’ve definitely found “my people” here at Mudspike…LOL…

Out of curiosity…what all did you add into P3D v3? I have all my ORBX FTX and regions and stuff that I had installed into P3D v2 (which I never use)…but if I were to answer the siren song of ver 3…would those ORBX stuff install into it OK? Last experience I had with it…they had installers for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D1.x, and P3D2.x…have they added P3D3.x to the installers already?

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Orbx has actually done a pretty slick job with their Orbx central file manager.

You might have to download a newer version of the files, but right now I’ve got The entirety of Australia, the PNW, and the global vector/ftx installed in v3, and I bought all of this for FSX.

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Yes. I run orbx SoCal, global, etc in v3

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