Does Anyone Wear A Watch Anymore?

Here’s what they told us in training. (a joke): Douglas decides it wants to make a three-engined jet. They sequester engineers in a conference room and ask for ideas on configuration. One guy wants 2 underslung engines and the third at the back on the centerline like the L-1011. Another suggest 3 engines at the tail. A third wanted what ultimately was used. But there was a 4th. He recommended 2 on the right and 1 on the left. They laughed him out of the room.

A month later, they wanted an engineer to design the cockpit flap and slat controls. “Hey, let’s use that guy who wanted two engines on one wing and one on the other!”

Also, I almost killed 365 people because of confusion with the flaps. The story is here somewhere. I’ll search for it.


Love to read it!

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Nice! Ya, that Garmin Connect app is GREAT and I’m finding the biometrics FAR superior to my Fitbit Inspire. The Fitbit really overexaggerates step count and heart rate while I’m driving … I think the vibrations are affecting it to the point where I’ve hit 10,000 steps with the Fitbit and at the same time the Garmin reports 6,500! Same with heart rate … 110 with Fitbit and 75 with the Garmin. I was only using the Fitbit because I liked it’s sleep tracking but it looks like the Garmin is beating it in that respect too! Plus I was actually paying $15 a month for Fitbit Premium for the advanced sleep analysis! No more of that! I’m shelving it. I mean come on, the Garmin is actually tracking my stress levels too! Garmin ROCKS!

The Garmin’s transflective LCD display is so clear in direct sunlight as well … the more sunlight the better …

All of that is reflected light. There is no backlighting going on here. I find reading my phone and other phone type smartwatches quite difficult when it’s really bright out. Oh, and don’t forget to grab Garmin Express if you want to look at your data on your PC.

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Please :pray:

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With some hard sleuthing I found it!


Alright, just for funsies here are a few of my vintage (inspired) watches:

A Smiths homage of a WWII RAF navigator’s watch.

and a Smiths homage to the post war IWC Nav watch alongside the original.


a reissue of the VN era Glycine

an interesting reissue of the Bulova A-15, an experimental WWII pilots watch designed as sort of a poor man’s chronograph

a really beautiful reissue of a 1917 Oris pilots watch. This one is spectacular.

And lastly, an actual Hamilton Marine pilots watch

None of them particularly expensive. But just a fun way to tell time and enjoy a little aviation history at the same time. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOVE analog. This is my dream watch …


The little tubules of phosphorescent radioactive tritium make this watch irresistible at night. :dotted_line_face:


Thats lovely :heart_eyes:

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They don’t use radioactive paint for hand illumination any more, there’s other stuff now that works almost just as well.

I am 99 percent certain that particular watch is what @elby said and has tiny capsules of tritium mounted to the face

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True, I was thinking of radium paint, this is tritium gas.

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Yup, that’s exactly right. It’s a Tritium gas suspended in glass tubes.

Not quite like the old Tritium, or even Radium paints that older watches had.

I still recall all the young lieutenants fighting over the older Tritium compasses for night land nav.

They were practically flashlights!

Come to think of it, that Hamilton must still have Radium paint on it. I’ve never checked to see if it was radioactive still. I know some older Panerais are basically too radioactive to wear.

After a lifetime inhaling jet fuel and getting that nice high altitude tan, though, I’m pretty sure that I already have whatever is going to do me in by now! :rofl:


Two months of using my Garmin Instinct and it’s actually changed my life! I’d give this watch a 10/10. The “Stress Level” sensor alone is worth it’s weight in gold! I tossed my Fitbit into the trash. Worthless piece of crap. :slight_smile:


I hate those. when I am stressed I really dont want any smart thing to tell me the same :smile:


Does it telling you that you are stressed increase your stress level :grinning:


I know for a fact, as it happened to me, that staring at a rising heart rate monitor in hospital and panicking about it rising makes it rise even faster until you feel like your chest is going to explode.


Isnt the idea of a biomonitor that you can make a conscious effort to influence it, ie make the heart rate go down by controlled breathing etc?


Relax guys! :wink: The thing logs your stress levels over a period of time! I’m not literally staring at it freaking out LOL! It’s the same with the heart rate monitor and sleep monitor. It’s just a great tool to know if you’re getting a good night’s sleep. You can get 8 hours of sleep at night but it’s the quality of sleep that counts!


Sangin Instruments released a batch of watches today. I ordered a Kinetic II Pilot in black; I’ve been wanting one for a while.


Dang. Nice looking watches and exactly what I would buy - an analogue watch for my anaologue brain.

Pity the ones that I want (Overlord or K2 Pilot DLC) are sold out. Website now bookmarked, because I need a new watch (my ‘issue’ G-Shock is a bit worn and shabby). They aren’t cheap but I think I will treat myself when they are back in stock.

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