Dogfight footage: F-14 Tomcat vs. Lybian MiG-23

Found on reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything


Following the comments, it seems it was the RIO doing the Sparrow initial launch and the pilot expressing the ‘oh jesus’ surprise. Intense stuff. Also from that thread, a very intense F-16 SAM 4(!) dodge video:

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That was intense! :sweat:

I remember that video…never gets old… So what happened to Stroke Four? He says he’s hit…then I don’t hear him unless I missed it somewhere…

They lost two aircraft and the story is worth reading rather than me spoiling it here. The original site with the write-up seems to have gone, but the archive still has it. Gripping stuff:

Add the wiki entry on it as well Package Q Strike - Wikipedia

as well as accident report from '91 F-16 Accident Reports for 1991