Dolomite Mountains, Italian Alps - awesome mountain scenery, Part 1

Come with me in the Daher TBM 930 high-performance turbo-prop for a tour of the famous Dolomite mountains in the NE Italian Alps. You will soon see why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Area. Challenge yourself at the small grass airstrips. Circle the incredible rocky peaks. Overfly the beautiful lakes. See other sites as well. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.


I’ve driven through the Dolomite area in real life. Very beautiful area. Did you use stock MSFS terrain? I know there is mesh scenery available that improves the mountains, but maybe the latest world terrain update improves it anyway.

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Thanks saghen. Just stock on High End setting. Cheers.

Hehehe brilliant. I know a few of those places… ^-^
Really impressive sights though- this Flight simulator looks marvellous.

EDIT: I’ve been to the Marmolada but not the top peaks. I lived around Trento when I was 6 or something and we went there with the school trip for a few winter breaks through the years.

There’s a funny children joke I learned while in school there…

What does the alpinist eat in the morning?
Bread, butter and Marmolada