Don't Edit Your DCS Logbook!

Or it will be erased! I used to edit my logbook.lua regularly; due to game crashes usually. So that I didn’t need to replay the mission or the entire campaign I would make the needed edits to the completed stage and create a proper pointer to the next stage. I did that just now after the game hanged on the debrief screen. When I restarted DCS and open “Campaigns” ALL campaigns were reset! My logbook now shows me as a brand spanking new 2nd Lt with 0 experience.

Not complaining. I don’t necessarily even think this is a bad thing. But it is new. Also new is the “Skip” feature in the Campaigns menu. Next time DCS hiccups, I will use that instead.

[EDIT (irony noted): It is actually possible. But all numbers must match, ie: kills, agkills, refuelings, landings, scores and deaths must match in total and for each applicable plane. Before–at least as I recall–you could modify stage results and the next boot of DCS would correct the totals. Now it just erases the logbook and creates a fresh one. The moral of the story is timeless: backup!]


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Good to know. I was editing the logbook myself.