I saw this game was cheap on Bundlestars and it reminded me of the SWAT and old Rainbow Six games, and it very much is like that!

There’s a bit of a weird thing in that you cannot play a campaign right off the bat, you only really can play single missions. These start off with the kill houses, much like those in Rainbow Six that could be used for practice. Although it looks like all missions are playable in single-mission mode.

In this mode you level up your handsome team of dapper career savers, and once they’ve gotten sufficiently good at killing people you can start a campaign, and unlock different abilities. I haven’t gotten to that part yet though.

Tutorial wise there’s not much to it, some basic movement modes and the rest you discover as you go along.

The Killhouse 1 mission went like a smooth buttery rollercoaster ride so I opted for something that looks a little more… exotic.

On the left of the briefing screen there are a bunch of challenges, completing it with a single man, without pausing, or with a single plan.

You can left-mouse click and drag a movement command, the white dot is the movement target. If you can use Control-right click you can set the look orientation whilst moving(as opposed to looking dead ahead).

In this case I’ve selected a locked door which gives me some options.

Here I have selected the spy camera and told number two to move up and look north.

The spy camera is extremely useful, it leaves red outlines of hostile targets.

It also gives us some more options when clicked on a target, you can also see on of the hostages to the left.

Our motley crew is busy lockpicking. Hopefully nobody on the other side of the door hears it… I honestly have no idea.

The left team is first in, and a gunfight ensues quickly.

This is not the result I was hopeing for…

The Plan-B team sets up quickly with fresh renewed vigour and decides to bang a flash into the adjecent room after they’ve taken care of the scally wag that wielding a AK-47.


Full video:

If you loved the planning stage in Rainbow six then this game is totally worth getting, played it only for 25 minutes but there’s a few good hours of content in it, with a ton of extra maps in the workshop. Like CS-Office :smiley: Am I going to play this Barry? Yes you are other Barry, yes you are.


2D gaming FTW er is this not a step back to 1989 :innocent:

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Doorkickers is great. Some of the levels are pretty hard.


One of the best tac games made, as a instructor I used it to teach my class movements, entries, and cover systems. A easy game to play, hard to master, you need great tactics and good luck. A step back? This is more sim then most crap coming out today, IE: Wildlands and Siege, (both great games, but not tac games like before.)

They are in development of Doorkickers 2, which will be both 2d and 3d, like a switch.

Oh BTW, make sure you take good care of a very sexy operator in that game, treat him well, use him well, and promote him. :slight_smile:


I can totally understand that, it’s great in that aspect!

Looks like a great laptop - on the go game.


They also have a iPad version! But yes, totally. Insta-load insta-replay puzzle game.

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exactly… as stated was developed to work on both iPad and PC.

Rumor has it Multiplayer and/or Coop is on the agenda for #2. Can’t wait!

Just keep this guy alive, he’s AWESOME!


I hear his weakness is Tazers…

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Nope, his weakness is female coworkers. Can’t go without comment on their good look. Albeit it’s still kind of classy… :yum:

I haven’t played this in awhile, I’m going to have to jump back in tonight. Thanks guys.