DOSBox Nostalgia Thread



Yeah I think it was 610kB for Falcon 3.0. I remember you could load some of the drivers to the Upper Memory Block area to leave as much of the 640k free for the user.


Thanks @Fridge !


Some time ago I played with PCem (PC emulator) and installed DOS 6.22 on it. Here are some results from memory status:

and contents from config and autoexec

although there are no drivers for mouse, sound card and cd-rom loaded.


Oh btw, here’s another mission from Harrier Jump Jet , this time with some air to ground action and a bit better landing than the last time. :wink:


Did y’all every play these games? The strike series was pretty amazing. Desert, Jungle, Urban were all amazing games. Nuclear Strike was a little ridiculous. But overall another great game series from the 90s.


Yeah I played Desert Strike on Amiga 500 long time ago. Never finished it though. It was pretty fun isometric shooter. Also played some of Jungle Strike but that was it.

Desert Strike had pretty cool intro.


I played ‘recently’* F3.0 via dosBox on W7 without any issues. Sure I managed to change some settings. I can have a look somewhere about my dB setup.
I wish I have more time for all this retro. I never got beyond F3 training missions :slight_smile:



As someone who was a LAN admin in the early 90’s, I look those file listings with a certain amount of horror.


Huh! What a coincidence that you all are discussing DOSBox here, I was playing around with something on it last night after a long time of not looking at it. But there will be more on that, later. Elsewhere…



Here’s another classic from Microprose …

… and I’m mentioning this because:


That F-117 simulator being rebuilt in Unity looks great - that going to be quite the labor of love, and it’s really nice to see people doing stuff like that.


Let’s just hope he see it through. There were many who just gave up. I would gladly pay for such remake.


I bought the original some time ago on but played it once or twice.
I guess I will wait for the remake now :slight_smile:


Me too, but first I finished a campaign in Vietnam.
Had an axe to grind with those guys over a Strike FIghters 2 pilot they killed me in a Dead-Is-Dead campaign…


I liked F-19 more. While F-117 had more theaters, better graphics, and two planes instead of one…I spent months in F-19 and only a week or two with F-117.

Also, the MPS F-19 blew away the F-117 for flying fun. AB, AAMs, less stealthy…it just was the perfect balance. The real F-117 was a bore.


IIRC F-117 had both. You could fly the Real™ F-117 or the Microprose® one (which is essentially F-19).

EDIT: This Forum is the coolest thing since ever. Look at those ™ and ®!

You just do them putting the “tm” or the “r” between ( )! :smiley: I LOVE IT!


Yep, as you said. I for one liked flying the REAL™ F-117A Nighthawk© with only 2 bays, no A/A capability (including guns) but more stealth. And of course flying in Cold War scenario.

While we at it here is Amiga version for comparison.


In the F-117 I could take off, fly straight to target, bomb it, fly straight home, and land without ever being threatened by any fighters or SAM sites. I was 100% invisible to them. I think a MiG got within 10km of me and never saw me. Might as well have been a training mission as the threats were never threatening.

The F-19 you had to take care not to bank too hard when a SAM or MiG was looking your way, but you could fire an AIM-9 or even gun them down if one got close. You had to weave your way between threat rings and when you bombed the target and everyone lit up looking for you it was seriously tough to make it home.

Oh, and the 19 could do carrier ops. :smile:


You guys are talking Nostalgia?


That only applies if you played those Simcity-esque city builder games.

That excludes me. :slight_smile:

Never played any of the Civ games, either. Well…a friend got an extra copy of Civ V and gave it to me, I gave up after a couple of hours, didn’t hold my interest.