DOSBox Nostalgia Thread

Since I can’t fly the Harrier in DCS yet like some other cool guys here @BeachAV8R :wink: (I did prepurchased the module) I’m honing up my hover skillz in some other notable releases.featuring the iconic STOVL.

I FUBAR-ed the landing real good but in my next video scheduled for tomorrow (showing some ground pounding) I promise to rectify that.


I think us navy fighters had one too. The 90s were a great time for flight simming. F15 strike eagle was another good microprose title.

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Yup, although it was add-on for USNF - Marine Fighters that featured AV-8B Harrier and Sea Harrier. I did a complete campaign playthrough which you can check out here:


Hot damn I like you a lot! :slight_smile:

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Actually, do you emulate with DoSBox, right?
What are your settings for getting that framerate?

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Yes, I’m running it on DOSBox with core set to dynamic and cycles to 250000. I can set the cycles up to around 400000 before I max out the CPU usage, but the game will run too fast then (so no cycles=auto/max either). The frame rate limiter wasn’t applied until Fighters Anthology patch 1.02. All earlier titles in the series doesn’t sport one. The games required pretty beefy setups back then though, so that wasn’t an issue at the time.

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it wasn’t an “addon” it was an “Expansion”, and it fixed 99% of the problems w/ USNF that even the patches couldnt fix…

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I never played stock USNF (besides the demo), as I own the Gold version which merged USNF with MF. Isn’t “addon” and “expansion” basically the same thing? From what I know Marine Fighters when first released still required USNF, it wasn’t a standalone title.

USMF required USNF yes, it installed on top of USNF,

But it fixed alot of VESA graphics and Sound Card Issues.

Back when Software/Computer Stores had a Whole Wall dedicated to Jane’s Combat Simulations.

Many thanks!
I’m trying to make Falcon 3.0 to run smooth (bought it on GOG.COM) but somehow it only range from sloooow stepping to goes ZOOooooommMM!

Let me know if you get it working, and how you did it. I’d love to try the MiG-29 in Panama or the Hornet in the Kurile Islands again.

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AWw hell yisssssssss!

Yeah, getting the rate right for F3 is like finding a needle in a needle stack. The last time I tried to fly it was over a decade ago and I recall ripping off the landing gear and exploding within about 2 seconds of throttling up on the runway.

Of course, getting the “magic free RAM” to enable the B-52 cockpits and other details was super frustrating.

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Uuh, wat?

In Falcon 3 if you didn’t have enough “low” RAM (the under 640k part), B-52s had no windows on the front, among other lost details.

So many of us made custom autoexec.bat and config.sys for playing F3 that would bypass loading drivers for CDROMs and such. We even found a super-slim mouse driver (it was like 8k resident) so we could use a mouse in the menus still without violating that limit.
I believe you needed to have 610k free (so mouse, system, and other drivers had to total less than 30k) or it was insufficient.

Many switched from MS DOS to DR DOS, or used QEMM386 instead of MS’ own EMM386 because they used less low RAM.


Those were the days ;).

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Do you guys maybe happen to have something like this for DOSBox?

I still have nightmares about that. My grandfather and I (he a retired IBM software engineer) spent an entire month to get the boot disk to work right, and even then we only had sound maybe half the time.

Oh dear messing around with autoexec.bat and config.sys sure was interesting. My dad and I made boot discs for many games.
Falcon and Wing Commander were examples that just needed every bit of power so they could run well.
…sigh…I don’t miss it really. It was a pain in the behind. :smiley:

I remember that I managed to get around 612kB (or was it 622kB?) of free conventional memory with all the drivers (mouse, CD-ROM, sound card) loaded. I used memmaker.exe from DOS 6.22 to optimize the driver loading and some manual tweaks in config.sys and auoexec.bat. I was able to run Falcon 3.0 without issues with all things working. Had to run it from plain DOS command prompt though as running Norton Commander would eat those extra few kB needed for Falcon 3.