Double Tap

Even after flying IL-2, AEP, PF, & 1946 for over ten years I am still doing and seeing unexpected things.

Double Tap

I should know better and I was darn lucky to get this one since I was not running an ntrk when I flew the mission. I had to hope the regular .trk function would still play it correctly. Outside view is the only way you can see everything but I was not flying the mission in this manner. Heck in cockpit mode I had no clue I had hit both of them and I was looking everywhere for plane Number 1 when I got the second “Enemy Aircraft Destroyed” message.

Skin on the P-38 was done by mapal.
“8” Ball 7th PRS: Mission4Today › Skins Downloads › "8" Ball 7th PRS



At this rate…you’re going to be an ace by the time you finish the 180 degree turn back to base!


What an absolutely fantastic game that was/still is. Very very fond memories of that.

The only thing that it lacked to make it an all time great was an f111… :grin:


Here ya go.
F-111 Aardvark ver. 1.1 Beta: F-111 Aardvark ver. 1.1 Beta



You’d better capitalize that F Mister! The 'Vark ain’t no little F dammit!

No, it isn’t- quite the opposite. Which is why all the thrust in Christendom wouldn’t have made it an adequate Navy fighter.


Which is also true of F-14. Apostasy? Maybe.

I have no objections to informally renaming it the B-111…it was definitely a big “B” bomber.

Wouldn’t A-111 have been the appropriate designation?

Perhaps AB-111 would be fitting, it did attack and it bombed. Also AB could mean afterburners, which it definitely had! :smiley:

Wasn’t the SAC designation FB-111?

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Looks that way.