Dovetail Games announce Train Sim World 2!

Looking into this, folks I also hear that:


Train Sim World 2 and Train Sim World 2020 are both separate games and will both play independently. In order to bring these improvements to the game and SimuGraph (the physics engine designed by Dovetail Games), the designers felt they needed to bring Train Sim World 2 to the public as a completely separate game.

The livery designer and scenario planner do not have sharing options and will be personal to the user at the time of release.

However, for current users of Train Sim World 2020, your addons will port across and will be playable on the new game at no extra cost.

That being cleared up, on with the press release!!

Chatham, Kent – 9th June 2020 Train Sim World 2 is the evolution for advanced train simulation with new features, routes and an upgraded engine.

Train Sim World 2 puts you in the cab of iconic machines on three renowned routes, all with exclusive firsts. Feel the thrill of German ICE high-speed with Köln Schnellfahrstrecke, control the raw power of CSX on Sand Patch Grade for the first time on console and master the complex station operations of the world-famous London Underground with the Bakerloo Line.

You’ll be able to personalize your experience with new custom tools. Get creative with the Livery Designer to build custom liveries for your Train Sim World 2 locomotives and use the Scenario Planner to drive what you want, where you want, as you plan out scenarios for your routes.

The proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine has evolved, adding adhesion physics for the first time. Feel the wheel slip and slide in adverse weather and the added challenge of control on steep inclines.

Get clearer information on instructions, gradient and speed profiles as you drive, including new HUD displays, clarity to the onboard safety systems, brake controls, power meter and accelerometer. A new controller scheme will give great choices on Camera and Driving modes and allows easier access from external camera mode to enter another vehicle in your consist, all while full physics and simulation are still running.

An upgraded engine allows for greater visual fidelity, giving Train Sim World 2 dynamic skies and 4K support across all platforms.

If you already own Train Sim World, you’ll be able to bring your existing Add-On collection with you to Train Sim World 2. Preserved Collection will ensure you can continue your hobby and play your content in Train Sim World 2.

Founder and CEO of Dovetail Games Paul Jackson said: “Since becoming a rail-fan as a child I have wanted to be around trains, to see them, to ride on them and best of all to drive them. Train Simulation is my way of doing that. Every time we release a new Sim, we make it more real. Train Sim World 2 is a big leap forward, and I really hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.”

Train Sim World 2 is coming August 6th 2020 and here’s what you can look forward to:

:black_small_square: Perfectly Replicated Routes - Unique experiences await in Train Sim World 2. Feel the thrill of high-speed intercity German rail as you push the throttle and climb speeds in the famous DB ICE 3M out of Köln, take on the challenge of hauling long freight across Sand Patch Grade with the raw power of the CSX AC4400CW, and master the complex hectic operations of the London Underground on the Bakerloo Line. All official licences, all authentically recreated.

:black_small_square: Immersive Game-play - With Train Sim World 2 you’re in the cab and in control of these epic feats of engineering. Take advantage of a new HUD that provides clear information as you drive, a brand-new immersion controller scheme designed to simplify common functions and streamline the interface – All of which allows you to focus on the task at hand.

:black_small_square: New Customization Tools - Personalize your rail journey with new easy-to-use tools. The Livery Designer allows you to design custom liveries for Train Sim World 2 locomotives using shapes and layers to build your own style. The Scenario Planner gives you the ability to create your own scenario. Customize locos and destinations, then jump in and get driving. Quick drive, your way.

:black_small_square: Realistic adhesion physics – An evolution of the SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine brings you a new level of realism with adhesion physics for the first time. Feel the slip of wheels in adverse weather, master moving heavy freight and keep control of your loco power on steep inclines! This brings an engaging challenge to the routes as the train reacts to your control.

:black_small_square: Preserved Collection – Your collection comes with you. Play your Train Sim World Add-On routes and locos directly in Train Sim World 2. Train Sim World has always been about your collection, your choice of Add-Ons from your favorite region, time period, diesel, electric, passenger, freight – your way. Your purchased Train Sim World 2020 Add-Ons will be available to play in Train Sim World 2.

It’s nice that the DLC ports, tbf, I don’t think they could have gotten away with a Train Sim 2 without doing that given all the money sunk into DLC by folks.