Download Premium Content

Hey guys,

Anyone have an issue with downloading any of the premium aircraft?

Most things seem to load fine from the content page, but the premium aircraft all seem to Fail to Install, no matter how many times I try them.

I also had problems with them initially (fsiled to download) but for me they worked when I clicked on them a second (sometimes third) time.
I think I also stopped and restarted the sim, but you probably have tried that already.

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I have had issues downloading with the content manager. If I download through the marketplace page for the aircraft it seems to work better, for me at least.

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Thanks guys!

I have tried all manner of things. But about five planes, like the Aerobat, look like they stop downloading with like 6 bits incomplete then eventually say that they fail to install.

Will try the marketplace next. Hadn’t thought of that!

Also, after what seemed like successfully installing the last patch, the whole mess started downloading something 108GB in size. It took so long I had to go to sleep, then work.

So I have a surprise waiting for me when I get home…one way or another! :rofl:

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I very much hope that it is a happy one!


Hehe, well sadly it was not.

I don’t know what started it, but that 100GB+ download turned out to be the basic package downloading all over again!

When I came home, I found that I had the basic sim…and two aircraft. All the other aircraft, including the standard edition aircraft, all the challenges, all the tutorials, etc, were now available in my content manager for download. Again.

And still for some reason I couldn’t download several of the premium aircraft. I also tried downloading the entire package from the storefront. Nope.

At this point I think I’m done. Love the sim. But Steam already thinks I’ve played 53 hours (more like 4 hours in my logbook and 49 hours downloading) and I’m already gearing up for the refund fight.

Maybe I’ll try again with the standard edition at some point down the road.

I never thought that anyone could recreate the head bashing experience that I had trying to get FSX to work. But they have. They have. :joy:

Ah nuts. I can’t understand why MSFS doesn’t have some sort of delta algorithm that compares what should be there with what IS there and just does partial downloads and fixes. Maybe it does…but it seem ludicrous to redownload 100GB of data over and over again when you know most of the files are untouched.

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What I can’t figure out is why the sim even considered doing this.

I mean, it’s not like there’s a “screw it, reinstall everything button”. :joy:

And why did it then only reinstall the base package? That’s some serious unilateral figuring on the sim’s part.

Now I’m just afraid to ask it to open the Pod Bay doors…

Hey FWIW, hard wiring my computer to the Internet seemed to address all issues.

MSFS really does not seem to like wireless installations…’least in my case.

Now I need to staple down about 100ft of Ethernet cable to my walls like stereo wire in my college dorm.

Hmm…that’s good to know and perhaps even better incentive to get my kids rooms wired to the LAN. Right now they are hooked up via the 5GHz wifi signal and it seems OK. Once in awhile the furthest bedroom seems to lose the signal a bit during Arma play…

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As someone not completely unfamiliar with the inner workings of computers, my technical opinion is the MSFS installer seems ‘bad’. :cat:

I don’t really understand why an intermittent network connection would wipe your current install data. I can see it needing to check and retry different bits if it didn’t work, or even get into a state where it needed to redo chunks that failed, but I can’t think of a great reason why it would reset everything like that. So, in summary, the MSFS installer looks like it has some bugs and is bad. :slight_smile:

Glad you are up and running again though.


Thanks guys.

Yeah, it’s a wacky program sometimes.

I wound up returning the Premium Edition, but repurchased the Basic figuring there’s no sense paying double for half; and half still worked fine it seemed. Plus I figured either MS or I would find a way to install it eventually.

In the end, I’m glad it worked out as I really didn’t think it through.

If I couldn’t download stock planes from the MS Store, I probably wouldn’t be able to download any products from the MS Store. LOL.

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