DreamFoil Bell 407 Updated for X-Plane 11

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Guest Contributor Eric “smokinhole” Anderson takes a look at the newly updated DreamFoil Bell 407 for X-Plane 11 and gives us his thoughts and observations about this add-on. Watch Your Attitude! $35 for a helicopter that doesn’t blow stuff up when I push the red button? I am way too cheap for that! My cheap…


This was a fantastic review @smokinhole - I really enjoyed your writing style and the way you approached the module. The full immersion technique is really cool…and definitely different than my “cold & dark” technique where I just see if I can muddle my way through a start before then diving into the manuals.

X-Plane really is a cool sim engine. As you noted, the way the skids react to the weight being added as you fuel, to the way they respond as you gently rock the cyclic, is really why I love X-Plane - that dynamic feel is really nice. DCS World has similar feel with things like the Su-25T and some of the other really dynamic feeling models.

Thanks for taking us for a tour of the 407…and the sounds you mentioned, I think DreamFoil is sort of known for the quality of their sound samples. I think it is called DreamEngine… I think they license that to other developers - the FlyJSims 737 and 727 are ones that use it, and the sound of their turbojets and cockpit noises are fantastic.

I saw this livery for the 407 was posted today too: Henry One

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Great job @smokinhole - I’ve been looking for a decent XP11 helo and I think this looks ideal. Nice review!

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I got Beach’s kind support above in what I thought was a private message. I was going to respond just to him with a question that I was too embarrassed to ask publicly: how does one sling-load in X-Plane? I’ve seen some beautiful youtube vids of it being done. Both DF’s 407 and A-Star have the hardware for it and special views for it. But I haven’t figured out how to make it all work.

And Beach, it is true that I didnt mention DreamEngine and that it adds enough to x-plane that they license it to other developers. Same with their DCS-like natural head movement which they call GeForce.

And thanks for the support guys. I am happy that you all let me make a tiny mark on this wonderful place to hang out.


Just finished the review. Great read!

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Way to go @smokinhole, good job!

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Thanks for the support everyone! I love this place!

(But none of you answered my question :cry: )

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Excellent article!

And … I have no idea :slight_smile: