Drone sighting at Gatwick halts flights



*ALIENS guy meme *


well…in the UK, the cat would be going back into quarantine if it didn’t have its rabies shots up to date…I went through that evolution…twice actually, once for the UK and then from the UK to Hawaii, both rabies-free islands. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some folks were saying that incident was actually a pressure valve failure in the dome. I’m not sure how that happens, but there are claims that it’s a common occurrence.

There was a quadcopter that clipped a UH-60 in NY last year:


This is an important fact/consideration that should be rolled out to combat any hysteria. I’d like to see the statistics on what the increased risk to aircraft is, what the damage potential is compared to a mid to large birdstrike, and whether we are really at risk at all considering the altitudes those birdstrikes can occur at.

Obviously any more things in the air statistically increases the chances of hitting something…but I’m not sure if we are talking about a statistically significant figure.


Keep in mind that a lot of model aircraft have some pretty tough components, like electric motors. Birds ain’t exactly weak, but at the same time I’m pretty sure a LiPo battery pack and four motors are probably a bit stronger than bird guts.

Now, against a foam plane like my Carbon Cub, that’s probably going to do less than a goose or buzzard. Against my Tigercat, weighing in at ~30lbs and with a fiberglass fuselage? Eh, that’d be ugly.


Yeah…my Mavic battery is a healthy piece of object. No doubt hitting it at 300mph will cause some serious damage.


That sounds like something M.I.B would say…

I think @komemiute hit the nail on the head.




Ok, that wasn’t the video I was thinking of.
This one, however, was probably not a drone strike.


Ask, and you shall receive…


I remembered seeing this video but I hadn’t seen the followup. That clears that up :+1:


Personally, I am far more afraid of Geese or VFR puddle jumpers than I am of drones.

I have had TCAS RA’s triggered by VFR traffic tooling around (perfectly legally) while in the vicinity of airports in SOCAL. I have had several while arriving or departing to/from Carlsbad for example. Hitting a drone might cause some damage or even an engine failure if ingested, but a Lycoming or Continental engine block coming through the windshield will ruin your day, no doubt about it.


Suspended again! My mother managed to leave on her flight earlier from Gatwick and they have now shut it again! Someone is gonna be popular…


A bit of a non-sequitur…but only a bit…

In 2007 I was running the Intelligence Directorate at EUCOM’s intel center, which is at RAF Molesworth in the UK.

The US had evidently gotten some info about a potential terrorist plot and had sent 50 Air Marshalls to London Heathrow and Gatwick.

The EUCOM Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, J2, a USA BG based in Stuttgart Germany, wanted to know what was happening, so he calls me up on the Tandberg (desktop VTC system) and says…

“What is going on? I was told that 50 Air Marshalls are being flown into London! My son is due into Heathrow this morning!”

I relied, “Yes sir. We don’t think the two are related.”

Being snarky to a 1-Star…priceless. :laughing:





This was going nice until you just had to say “Tandberg.”


Premium Norwegian equipment!


There ain’t one on the Viggen, so I would surmise it’s a Norwegian knock-off IKEA product.


No. SAAB engineers aren’t stupid. Not in that regard, anyway…

Our first TV with a remote, was a Tandberg. I inherited it when I moved out.


Well, that explains why I don’t have a lot of problems flying the Viggen then!

*For those not in the know: Tandberg supplied most of the VTC systems for the US DOD for many, many, many years, so military personnel would almost universally call VTCs a “Tandberg” regardless of accuracy. When I first started as a VTC tech we had a Tandberg codec in our main room… From 1987. In 2010.