Drone Simulator

So I have one of those little 5 minute fly time per charge drones and I was thinking it would be cool to be able to learn how to fly drones really well with a simulator and my xbone 360 controller since it has two sticks.

I’m seeing the free FPV Drone Simulator on Steam which I’ll download now …

and the drone racing league’s official simulator ($22cad) which also looks really nice …

any other ideas out there?

I’ll probably also be looking for an RC flight simulator when I get my electric RC plane.

Further to this …

FPV Drone Simulator … didn’t recognize my xbone controller. Don’t like it.

DRL SIM … :+1: It starts with you configuring your controller exactly like your RL drone and simple training. Looking real good so far and I don’t have to worry about battery life. :slight_smile: I’m hoping for a stationary observer view somewhere along the way.

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