Drzewiecki Design - Seattle performance?

Anyone else using Drzewiecki Design Seattle Airports and Seattle City for X-Plane 11? I’m wondering if everyone else is suffering the performance problems I am. If I’m in the vicinity of the scenery, my FPS is dropping down to the single digits, even when making fairly substantial concessions to scenery detail in my X-Plane settings. If I pan around my airplane when I’m flying 30 miles away from Seattle, I get 30-40 FPS until I start pointing the camera in the direction of the city, then I drop down to 10 or less. So I think there is an object or something that is causing this problem, but I’m stumped what it is.

How is everyone else’s performance with this scenery?

PS - Your weather is predictably horrible today Seattle. Congrats!

I may have a solution. I think my XP11 is just rendering objects at way too far of a distance. Unfortunately, there is no slider or setting for that other than the global ones in the menu that affect object count (there must be a relationship). I’m going to try the Advanced Rendering Plug-In and see if I can find a better setting.

So I thought that plug-in had magically done something and was thrilled, but then I reloaded to Boeing Field and see that my FPS tanked again. Then, I went back to a countryside airport, and the FPS stayed tanked. I just shutdown and restarted X-Plane a couple of times to confirm this.

Basically, if I fly into that Seattle area, my FPS tanks to the single digits, and even if I exit that scenery area via flying out of it, or loading another scenery area via the flight setup options, the FPS stays tanked when looking at the horizon.

For instance at 3W5, I’m getting 35 FPS on the ground.
If I jump over to Boeing Field, I will get 10 FPS.
If I jump back over to 3W5, I still get 10FPS.

So it seems like something problematic is loading into graphics menu, then never unloading?

Lord this is a frustrating experience troubleshooting this. I’m pretty close to deleting the Drzewiecki scenery altogether and just going with freeware stuff. Each time I make a change to try to pinpoint the problem, I have to reload X-Plane, and it takes five or six minutes each time because obviously there is an object causing this problem. No idea what and the log.txt doesn’t help at all.

I have noticed that the sim seems to be staying on “Will load boat objects” for an extremely long time while loading…

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Progress. It appears that my underlying ortho (Forkboy) is somehow conflicting with the ortho that Drzewiecki installs.

Add ons gives a flightsim longevity, but shorten our lives… :wink:


Yeah. And unfortunately I sometimes let perfect be the enemy of good enough. I did seem to figure out that as long as I installed the Drzuhwhiskytangofoxtrot Seattle Airports and Seattle City without the included ortho, I was fine. I have no idea why those two fight with each other to the point that it kills the FPS, but it did.


Drzewiecki has a low FPS reputation in FSX.

Vietnam PTSD flashback to New York airport pack

My FPS has always been abysmal with Drzewiecki Design stuff

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