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The recently released Drzewiecki Washington XP scenery for X-Plane is a superbly detailed package that brings back fond memories for this author. Washington National Airport (KDCA) Growing up in suburban Washington DC, the Washington National Airport was as familiar to me as the local mall, playground, or library. Unbelievably (or unknowingly?), my parents allowed my friends and I to…


Damn, I need a new computer :wink:

Troll approves!
Troll wants it!
Troll will throw his VISA card at the computer until he has access to XP11 and FlyInside.
Troll just needs to pass his bi-annual sim check first…

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Amazingly detailed scenery, plus really nice review @BeachAV8R - thanks!

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That looks really nice. I suppose I’d get in less trouble for flying circuits while flipping off the politicians on my PC than if I did it IRL, too!

Great write-up Beach! My 2nd $30 X-Plane purchase in as many weeks.

Here’s a fun AAR from ages ago…

In December of 1990 I was put on a trip to pick up Senator Bob Dole in a Beech 58 Baron. Even back then when VIP standards for executive travel were considerably lower, Senator Dole’s travel staff were scrapping the bottom of the barrel. He was given a beat up Baron and just one relatively inexperienced 22 year old pilot. When I got to DCA I found not just the Senator but his wife Elizabeth (and maybe a little dog–I can’t fully recall) plus all the bags you would expect for travel over the Christmas congressional break. The flight was to Salisbury, NC which is where Elizabeth was from and the home of her 90 year old mother with whom the Dole’s would be spending the holiday. The weather was marginal. I told the Senator that the odds were significant that we would not be able to get in. He said, “That’s fine. Just give it a shot and we’ll work out something.” The visibility was legal to shoot the VOR approach but I hit the MAP probably a good 200 feet above the cloud base. I turned to the Senator and explained that we could either go to Charlotte or we could go to my home base of Winston-Salem which was only a little bit further but I could then drive them down. I wasn’t expecting him to take the offer but he did. My car was a very beat up BMW 318i but the Dole’s were very gracious. During the hour long drive a very chatty Elizabeth asked me all about my life. Senator Dole was quiet and a tad morose. I thought I knew why and 30 minutes into the drive I felt confident enough to ask about the vote which closed the session before the break to authorize the invasion of Iraq. The weight of that vote was obvious. He was tortured by it. You have to remember that at the time there were some very high casualty predictions because to Sadam’s potential use of chemically armed SCUDs. The more he talked the sadder he seemed to get. Elizabeth eventually jumped in to divert the conversation to something brighter. When we got to the house I carried the bags in and was treated like family by Elizabeth’s mother. Bob shook my left hand (his right had been mangled in WW2) and gave me a $50 tip.

A few months later I received a copy of a book the two had just written together called “Unlimited Partners”. On the inside cover Elizabeth wrote a long note of thanks in calligraphy. I am generally a democrat but he got my vote a couple of years later. Such class acts, both of them.

Sorry to hijack the thread but that is one of my favorite DCA stories.


That’s a great story @smokinhole - all around…!

I’ve had the opportunity to fly some celebrities and politicians over the years. The one that struck me the most was my previous corporate job, I used to regularly fly the CEO of Springs Industries here in North Carolina (a textile company) and her husband was Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff (Erskin Bowles). All that was going on in his private and professional life, and I was just a 23 year old “kid” flying as a copilot on some business jets, and yet he always remembered my name and greeted me with it. That didn’t happen very often with other passengers I flew. One CEO I flew around a LOT (more that Bowles) usually just called me “Boy”…LOL.

DCA was a great airport to hang out at in the lobby of the GA FBO (Signature) because you’d regularly see politicians, celebrities, and the like milling around. You still see that quite a bit at Dulles…

Dole always struck me as one of the good ones.

Again, great story…


Ditto. Really enjoyed both. Thanks for relaying them guys.

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Judging by this scenery, I guess there is no question X-Plane has the most detailed, realistic ground scenery capability over FSX or Prepar3D?

Well done Chris. Really shows the product well. Amazing to me all that work for a mere $30 USD.

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That’s a hard question to answer, because there are some darn good FSX and P3D sceneries out there, and probably MORE of them. But it is gonna cost you. I’m not a huge tinkerer, but X-Plane with free orthoscenery can be done, but I think it requires some knowledge and, well, tinkering. And you don’t get all the 3D objects on top…so it might be great for mid and high altitude flight, but I don’t know about low level.

Personally, if it weren’t for some professional obligations and things like Air Hauler 2, I’d leave FSX/P3D altogether because I just like the look and feel of X-Plane better. I like the lighting better, the fluid motion of the planes, and the atmospheric effects.

Aerosoft and ORBX make great sceneries for FSX and P3D, but I still think they suffer a bit of the blurries for me personally. Default X-Plane looks good and gives a good sense of the whole world, but it will look repetitive if you look closely often enough. Free enhancements like alpilotX mesh and replacement tiles look great, install pretty easily, and are easy to swap in and out if you don’t like them. Payware X-Plane scenery is good, although there are airport designers like “tdg” and “Mister X” that put out free (or donationware) scenery that is almost as good as the big scenery developers.

I just feel that X-Plane can be tailored more…and you can really make it look good. And I think it IS the future of civil side simulators unless P3D gets more mainstream (and 64 bit) and/or Dovetail’s stuff really takes off. I think the chunk of market share that XP11 has grabbed this go-around is significant. And the complexity of the airplanes being released for it is really improving.

So yeah, I’m a fan of X-Plane. LOL More answer than what you were looking for probably…and probably still left you confused. :smiley:


I can look it up but I’m lazy. X-Plane is DX11, right?

Yes, as far as I know…and a DX12 card is recommended (future proofing?) but not required… And there is a free demo to give it a whirl first…

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it even supports DX12 afaik.

Sniped by beach’s edit :slight_smile:

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Xplane 11 is opengl

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It is, plus also supports Mac OSX which has no DX. They put DX12 on the recommended specs because there is no nice marketing level name for some of the OpenGl capabilities they need - if you have a DX12 class card then you’re good (actually a DX11 at the moment might work as well).

Regarding making your own scenery, its actually quite easy. I keep an airplane at Blairstown and decided to build a virtual version. Its a cruddy effort but enough to be completely believable to my admittedly easily-fooled brain. World Editor is free and the learning curve is on par with learning basic mission editing in DCS. If X-Plane’s library of objects, vegitation and facades isn’t enough for your needs then opensceryx adds a huge free labrary to both x-plane and fsx.

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I have no brush with VIP stories other than meeting SheDAISY at a Navy formal. However, my wife is a former Flight Attendant (TWA and American). My favorite of her stories was when she walked in on Sugar Ray Leonard in the lavatory…yes, with his junk visible. :scream:

He hadn’t locked the door…who doesn’t lock the door?!


I’ve forgotten more than once. I’ve also seen more than I care to remember


I downloaded the demo for X-Plane 11 and was very impressed. A wise decision of Austin’s to recreate the user interface. That makes a dramatic difference for a new user.


Lol I can’t stand the ui. Part of it is I don’t like change but it’s also that I hate huge style ui and this one is dumbed down way too much needs an advanced option to go back to how it was or at least resemble it for the people who know what they’re doing.

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