Dslyecxi's Who's the boss video

I really like Dslyecxi’s videos. This one is important for Support Pilots for a couple of reasons:

  1. We all need to know who is in charge when we are flying and we need to feel free to enforce this;
  2. We all need practice and I love that he has added a small script in the description/comments to allow us to re-create the event he is talking about. Nice!

This relates to my previous post on Support Roles in Arma3:


Excellent video with many great points.

On a technical note - how does he get the replays he uses? Is there a replay feature (sort of like the track feature) in Arma 3? His videos always contain excellent camera angles and explanations.

Seems funny to me that you can even lift off in a tandem rotor helicopter with a rotor missing…

I was wondering the same thing. Well, both things :smile:

I think he was either watching the mission unfold (either after dying earlier or by plan) or re-enacted it with the help of his crew. Probably a little of both.

With the second part … I am not sure any test pilots want to check that failure condition out, if possible. :- ) It could be just the Arma3 flight model being very forgiving but I can not think of a situation where loss of a rotor would have allowed a continuation of the flight. What I mean is I am not sure a situation would arise where loss of one rotor did not either destroy both (as far as I know, the rotors inter-mesh) or significantly destroy or damage some other part of the air frame.

Wouldn’t one of the cockpit instruments have gone haywire?