Dumb question Hornet skins/liveries

I have a dumb question, but I still haven’t figured it out. I have downloaded a number of Hornet liveries, but I don’t seem to be able to select them. I had no problem downloading Harrier liveries and getting them to work. So, if I was to download a skin from the DCS website, where exactly do I neen to place it to make it work in game? I am sure I am doing something stupid here!

I have a folder in my Saved Games/dcs.openbeta called Liveries. Break that down by module, and put each skin folder in there.

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I have a Saved Games\dcs\Liveries folder. Maybe I need a separate one for the open-beta. I’ll give that a try.

I had the Hornet folder (within the Liveries folder) named incorrectly… I had it as FA-18C when it should be FA-18C_hornet. Thanks for your help @Navynuke99! Much appreciated.

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Okay, I’m going to ask some questions here regarding skins since my questions are similar to PaulRix’s. I’ve downloaded a bunch of very nice skins. I can’t seem to get them to show up in various nationalities profiles. For example, plenty of RAF and Royal Navy skins for the Harrier, how do I get them to show up under the British profile?

Another example; under the French profile for the Mirage, there are plenty of skins under different nationalities, like United Arab Emirates. How do I get that skin to show up as a choice under the UAE profile?

With your skin package comes a file called description.lua. In it is described who gets to use that livery. You can freely edit those.

Do you have a link to a more thorough description or tutorial in how to do this?

Someone asked the same question on the ED forums some time back…

So, for example, I have a Empire Test Pilot’s School livery for the Harrier. The skin folder is kept here:
C:\Users\your_user-name\Saved Games\DCS\Liveries\AV8BNA\ETPS

In that folder is the description.lua file, that you can edit with the text editor of your choice.
The file looks like this:
livery = {

{"AV8B1", 0 ,"ETPS_1",false};
{"AV8B2", 0 ,"ETPS_2",false};
{"AV8B3", 0 ,"ETPS_3",false};
{"AV8B8", 0 ,"ETPS_T8",false};

{"AV8B_T1_FUSE1", 0 ,"ETPS_1",false};
{"AV8B_T1_FUSE1", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T1_FUSE10", 0 ,"ETPS_1",false};
{"AV8B_T1_FUSE10", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T2_FUSE1", 0 ,"ETPS_2",false};
{"AV8B_T2_FUSE1", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T2_FUSE10", 0 ,"ETPS_2",false};
{"AV8B_T2_FUSE10", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T3_FUSE1", 0 ,"ETPS_3",false};
{"AV8B_T3_FUSE1", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T3_FUSE10", 0 ,"ETPS_3",false};
{"AV8B_T3_FUSE10", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T3_TAIL1", 0 ,"ETPS_3",false};
{"AV8B_T3_TAIL1", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T3_TAIL10", 0 ,"ETPS_3",false};
{"AV8B_T3_TAIL10", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"AV8B_T3_TAIL100", 0 ,"ETPS_3",false};
{"AV8B_T3_TAIL100", DECAL ,"empty",true};

{"pilot_AV8B_patch", 0 ,"empty",true};
{"Pilot_AV8B_gear", 0 ,"UK_Pilot_Helmet_AV8",false};

{"AV8B1", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"AV8_T1_RoughMet",true};
{"AV8B2", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"AV8_T2_RoughMet",true};
{"AV8B3", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"AV8_T3_RoughMet",true};
{"AV8B4", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"AV8_T4_RoughMet",true};
{"AV8B7", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"AV8_T7_RoughMet",true};
{"AV8B8", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"AV8_T8_RoughMet",true};


name = “ETPS”

countries = {“UK”}

The last line above sets the countries that have access to the skin. If you delete the line altogether, then all countries will have access to it, or you can add specific countries if you prefer
“USA”, “RUS”, “FRA”, “UKR”, “SPN”, “NETH”, “TUR”, “BEL”, “GER”, “NOR”, “CAN”, “DEN”, “UK”, “GRG”, “ISR”, “ABH”, “RSO”, “ITA”, “INS”, “AUS”,“AUSAF”.

Hope that helps.


Perfect. Thank you.