Dusting Off the HOTAS!

Ha! they’ve got your money, now I’ll ruin it!

Right now there’s a bit of a mismatch. The German fighters are late 44 early 45 vintage, and the Allied fighters are of 43/early 44 vintage.

The 109K has all of the fun of a 109 with high lift devices and more power than god, so it’s just a beast to fight in or against. Expect to rack up the kills. I don’t fly the 190, but fighting it has given me the impression it goes very fast, but doesn’t maneuver exceptionally better than the -51 or Spit so long as you don’t let it get an energy advantage

The -51 is the -51, reliable, steady, forgiving. It’s a little underpowered on account of being based off a mid-war pacific variant, but a remedy for that has been promised.

The Spit is a Spit. It turns inside it’s own butt hole and produces enough lift to be a helicopter. It also insists on killing you any time you are on, near, or adjacent to the ground.

As for Normandy it’s a bit small, and I take umbrage with what is and is not included in the high detail terrain, but it’s a beautiful map and a good omen of what’s to come. the gently rolling terrain and the addition of collidable trees make low level flying an absolute blast in just about everything.

Lemme know whenever you’re about and we can do some flying.

Yeah, I gathered as much when comparing the limited selection of aircraft available, but I figured now was as good a time as ever to jump in and have some fun. What I really want, well that would be F6F’s vs. A6M2’s (or 5’s) and carrier ops! But I can wait. I’ll be in my 50’s when that happens, but I can wait…

You and me both. There’s supposed to be an F4U-1 coming eventually, but when is up in the air since the studio subdivided into two entities.

This is a pretty good DCS Normandy mix video for understanding where we are today within the WW2 genre.

I’m really interested in purchasing the Normandy map and the spit, but it requires world 2.0 which for now puts it out of my reach

So many bytes of data to transfer and on a fixed income lol :slight_smile: