Dusting Off the HOTAS!

I know, I know, I disappeared…again. I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m lookin to dust off the old HOTAS and jump online again. So, I have a very important question to ask. What version of DCS are we flying? There’s v1.5, v1.5 open BETA, and v2.1. I currently have v2.1 on an SSD w/ room for either v1.5 or v1.5 open BETA, but not both. Also, what, if anything do I need for ArmA 3?


BRENNUS! Welcome back!

Holy ■■■■, it’s Brennus

Thanks, I know it’s about time, but my question still stands…

v1.5 or v1.5 open BETA? I would like to get the ball rolling before the weekend. I’ve got some free time coming up and jumping online again is on my list of things to do.

Hi @Brennus - I believe they are currently the same, as in nothing on the open beta 1.5 is different.at the moment. All the latest updates seems to be for 2.1, so the 1.5 OB is mainly just used for ‘a couple of days check’ before a proper 1.5 update occurs. If the goal is to always have a stable 1.5 with the most MP, then I’d personally just go plain 1.5 without the open beta.

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Need? ACE, CBA
Want? RHS, CUP.

Here’s the list of everything I’ve used (and forced @Tankerwade to download)


We are not worthy

Sweet! I’ll download v1.5 ASAP! I’ll download Insurgency too while I’m at it, as Bogus had mentioned it in a very brief conversation I had w/ him earlier today. Also, a bit off topic maybe, but I’ve been playin Titanfall 2 lately, so if anyone plays it, feel free to hit me up.

HE LIVES!!! More people for me to silently judge on teamspeak in arma :smiley:

Hope you are ready for the tomcat/hornet/Harrier apocalypse that is nigh


Snow! My old friend! I didn’t intend to disappear, I never do, I just got busy w/ stuff and things. I’m still busy, but I’m trying my best to manage my free time now, and that includes some online time every now and then. I work mornings now, so no more late nights during the work week, but I’ve got every other weekend off, so that’s where I’ll start.


Dude, understand ya, I’ll be back to normal ops in a few months, currently in a sandy place with meh interwebs, but it is sufficient for an arma night here or there on a weekend or lucky weekday. Roommate/ neighbor situation means my comms are limited to typing but I can just throw my headphones on and listen up to ts. If you see me on steam gimme a holler!

Question: I’m currently re-configuring ARMA 3 and the recommended addons, and I need to know only the essential hotkeys for both TFAR and ACE. Once I’ve got those configured I’ll be ready to rock n roll!

For ACE it’s the interact, self interact, and advanced grenade keys.

For tfar it n would be the short range, long-range one and two broadcast keys, and the radio configuration keys. That said we don’t use alot of tfar these days

So, by one and two broadcast keys, are you referring to the “transmit” and “alt transmit” for both SW and LR, or just “transmit” for each?

Disregard, I’m ready to rock and roll! I’m still tweakin the gears, but I should be able to participate in any near future online activities.

Snow, I took your advise and I switched over to the Steam Workshop! ARMA 3 is now SUPER ARMA! We have every map and every unit and every weapon from every game in the ARMA series!

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I told you it’s the best! Welcome to the club!

I’m thinking about picking up the DCS: Normandy 1944 Map + WWII Assets Pack. Will I get any return investment? Are we flying over France enough to justify the purchase?

I’d say yeah. Most everyone in the old group has bought it, and 1.5.7 has got some… problems that were introduced, and my impression is that will probably continue to happen until the merge, so I’ve moved to flying primarily 2.1, and a lot of that is Normandy. I don’t fly a lot of WWII, but that could change with proper motivation.

Plus I know you’re a big prop-head at heart.

Thanks NB, I’m downloading as I type! I’ve got both the P-51D and the Bf 109 K-4, so that should hold me over, but the D-9 and Spitfire are in my crosshairs if they ever go on sale!